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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nirmalvr, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Nov 3, 2011
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    Apple started its preorder for iPhone 4s today morning at 8.30 local time, and both online and telephone preorders were closed by 9 local time ( 30 mts). Reason given by apple guys that they have a overwhelming order than expected and also due to shortage of phones. The only country were apple is liberal to given 10 phones per customer on preorder is in hong kong, rest other countries customers were limited to 2 phones.
    This act of apple is rediculous and outrageous for cheating it's customers by closing the preorders within 30 mts since its started. It's really surprising how apple made 10 phones per customer on a preorder when the phone is limited stocks. By this genuine customers are not benefitted were as black market guys would ve ordered it in bulk to sell them. Apple should try identifying and exposing such elements within apple who are responsible for this dirty ugly way of handling preorders.
    Apple has taken its customers for granted by behaving this way. There was no need for a preorder to take place of this kind rather apple should have started selling directly on November 11 when the phone 4s is officially launched. Apple vows to explains the meaning of preorder!!! This is a unwanted hype created by apple... Down down apple, guess its going to hell after Steve s demise.

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