Apple Display updates anytime soon? Ready to buy MBP + display - suggestions welcome!

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by MUrhino, Sep 20, 2009.

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    Jan 6, 2003
    So I'm ready to buy a 15" MBPro and an external monitor (the Apple LED 24" is super sexy...except for the glare). With the antiglare option back in the MBP lineup, does anyone see this trickling back to the iMac and display lineup, with a possible resolution increase as well? The 24" display currently supports does the 17" MBP...seems like they could do better for $899. I really like the antiglare from my current PBG4 but need to get back to an Apple store to see how bad the glare was on the MBP and 24" LED. I need to buy within 1.5 weeks as I'm giving up my 5 yr old PBG4 to the folks half way across the country.

    Option 1: Buy a normal 15" MBP glossy w/ the current LED 24" display, and enjoy having the applecare cover both products (AppleCare is a must in my mind, as my PBG4 had a RAM slot go bad just after the one year warranty was up...see specs in sig.)...or possibly a 24" refurb for $599 instead of brand spanking new. Not a huge fan of glossy...but I haven't been able to use it on a daily basis either.

    Option 2: Buy the antiglare MBP and wait for Apple to possibly update the antiglare option to the 24" display. Then if I wanted the AppleCare on the display I would pay $80 or so out of pocket for that (education pricing).

    Option 3: Buy the antiglare MBP and a glossy 24" display. Pros: Both products covered by one applecare. Cons: Doesn't seem logical to have one antiglare screen next to a glossy external display...

    I really like the docking capability of their 24"....not to mention the extra USB ports, so I can just "undock" and go without having to unplug even more peripherals.

    I know there isn't a very predictable pattern of display updates, but I'd hate to "settle" for the glossy options only for Apple to release the antiglare option in a few months....I'd rather wait if that is a possibility...and anything is possible with apple :rolleyes: Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Mar 24, 2006
    Given how infrequently the ACDs are updated i doubt we'll see any updates to them. If anything probably only the 30" model will be updated since its the one long due. Then again you never know. I also read somewhere that the screen is actually matte by nature and only the glass is making it a glossy display.

    Maybe just buy an anti-glare MBP and buy a Dell display (which often come with 3yr warranty) like everyone else

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