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    Are there any owners of 20-inch and/or 22-inch Apple Displays who can comment on the monitors, particularly in comparison to one another?

    I'm looking at buying a used one off eBay if I can find it, and while the 22 is initially more interesting, I'm troubled somewhat by the resolutions -- according to what I've read, the 22" does 1600 x 1024 as its native resolution. But the cheaper 20" lists 1680 x 1050 as its optimal resolution. Is that right? It doesn't sound right that a 20" would support a HIGHER resolution than a 22".

    Given the fact that I'm used to a 12" at 1024 x 768 and/or a 17" at 1280 x 1024, would I find the resolution on the 20" too small, or perhaps the 22" too big, like working on a 14" iBook and its big screen with too few pixels on it?

    Are there other factors I should be thinking about here other than pixel size between the two, because it really does sound like a 20" would be the better fit for what I want to do, and certainly lighter on the pocketbook to boot.

    Any guidance would be very much appreciated.
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    Sep 18, 2003
    I went through the same thing before I bought my 20" except I was looking at a used 22" vs a new 20". The reolutions you quote are correct, the reason the 20" is higher is its a newer display and wasn't available until after the 22" had been replaced by the 23".

    I can't really compare the two but to give my reasoning for going for the 20":

    1) More screen real estate due to the higher resolution
    2) Sharper picture due to more pixels per unit of area. (I use the 20" with my 12" PB and the actual pixel size is smaller on the 12" than the 20" that is something the same size will be physically smaller on the 12" than the 20". So dont worry about the pixels being packed too tightly, to answer another of your questions)
    3) I believe it has a higher brightness (although you will need to turn it down a bit, but I think this means as the backlight fades you should get a bit more life out of it, I don't know how much truth there is in this though) and quicker response rate.
    4) In my case new vs old so I didn't have to worry about the screen wearing out fast, apparently tfts do fade the backlight only works for so long. I guess in your case the 20" is likely to have been used less than the 22".

    I think the 20" is awesome (although I would have liked the 23" if I could have afforded it) and generally I think the 22" is a bit overpriced on ebay (maybe people confuse it with the 23)" :confused:

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