Apple Dual 1.25 G4 Benchmarking


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Apr 9, 2001

We tested this hypothesis with a preproduction model of the dual-1.25GHz Power Mac. With faster chips and twice the L3 cache of the other models, it performed as expected; that is, it was the fastest of the new Power Macs. It matched or beat--by as much as 19 percent--the new dual-1GHz Power Mac in most of our tests.


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Mar 9, 2002
Wow.... it goes much faster the more the intensive the work......

It was 2 minutes faster than the old Dual GHz and over a minute quicker than the new Dual 1GHz in the After Effects Render, and over a really big project, it ain't half going to save you time over the old models..... :)
I love what it says about the start up sequence though.......

the new Power Macs took longer than any of our reference systems--they have several fans that appear to fire up at start up, delaying the process
:p :p :p I bet that's an experience in itself!!!

Funny what they mentioned though about the difference in speed on the hardrive on the old Dual GHz and the New Dual Ghz........ hmmmmmmm.... I didn't realise that the HD could have so much effect on speed......

Mental... but wicked...... :D

Dual 1.25 GHz though....... that must fly in comparison with my PowerBook G4 500..... :( :eek: :)

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Nov 1, 2001
That's great, but I'd really love to see how it stacks up to a PC - a much more revealing comparison.


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