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    Feb 14, 2013
    so i've been invited to the hiring event next wednesday, [20th feb] in london. I'm pretty nervous, as i've never gone for a job interview. I'm 19, and at university studying film studies and media & cultural studies, i have never had a paid job, but i did work at a clothing store for a short while in 2010 and also volunteered at my local theatre. do they look for someone who is experienced in retail? I'm worried im not going to get through to the next interview. anybody have any tips and advice for me?

    also i applied for the expert role, as i wasnt too sure what they meant. could i still get a role as a specialist? if i were to get through?
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    A specialist is their standard role from what I remember. One of the guys who walks around and assists whoever.

    Apple is fairly unorthodox so the interview process is a bit offbeat. They look for enthusiasm and character more then retail experience so don't worry too much about that.

    If the process is similar to how it was a few years back, the first stage isn't too difficult. You get shown a couple of promotional (*cough*propaganda*cough*) videos on the company, followed by a short group task. You're essentially just expected to participate meaningfully in discussions, show some enthusiasm, and engage those around you.

    The second stage is where they ask the "proper" questions but even then it was very informal in small one on one interviews (theres another group task in here too, but more of the same). We sat outside on the grass for my interview because it was a nice day.

    Good luck!

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