Apple has a lot of collectibles!


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Aug 28, 2001
I own some apple collectibles like form this years MacWorld Expo in New York (2001) I got a bunch of Apple Pins saying,
" I ? (if you can't see it's an apple symbol) NY " Its cool I wear it all the time. I also got the new G4 poster sayong "Pro Create" with an awsome picture of the new G4 on it. I collect macs from the Mac Classic to the Titanium G4 powerbook I am thinking of getting, I am waiting to get it because my Lime iBook with DVD drive's screen cracked. Yeah I know I am sssooooo mad about it! But I am having it repaired for $355 from "Wegener Media" instead of from Apple that costs $800. Pretty good deal huh? If you have any advice or know when any new powerbooks are coming out please email me. Thanks


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May 12, 2001
the ddeal

expect titanium 2nd revision books by the end of 2001. Expect an i-book revision also by then. A brand NEW powerbook you can expect early 2003.

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Jul 2, 2004
Toronto, Canada.
That's nothing. Apple has stuck their name on just about anything you can think of. A few of the more interesting examples are:

Model cars
Model trains
Running shoes (!)
Frisbees (
Then you got your well known stuff such as pens, booklets, posters, pins, hats, etc.

haha I just realized how old this post is. Serves me right for trying out 'view by rating'
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