Apple hasn't refunded a store pickup order, even though my sister ended up joining iUP.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by shyam09, Nov 10, 2017.

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    So my sister (carrier: T-Mobile) had reserved an iPhone X in store and went to pick it up on launch day. She informs the rep that she has a store pickup order, but she wanted to sign up for iUP instead. A few days later, she didn't get the refund posted on her account (I got mine a few days ago since I had done a similar pickup / join iUP plan). I told her to check her order status, since if they processed a refund, it will show up on there. There was no indication that a refund was pending.

    Today, she got an email from Apple telling her that her order is still awaiting pickup. She has a few more weeks to pick it up, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

    I told her to go to the Apple store and get this taken care of with a supervisor or manager, but she's asking me if she can just wait it out and let it automatically get cancelled or call Apple (probably to avoid the crowd at our apple store). I don't have any knowledge or experience in this personally, since I haven't really dealt with Apple beyond my launch day pickup experience (which went fine). So I figured I'd ask the community first before I reiterate / change my original answer of having her go to the Apple store.
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    Waiting it out is certainly an option, but she’ll have to wait 21 days from the pickup day before it’s automatically cancelled. The other options are to simply cancel online (she should be able to cancel right from the order status on the web site) or by calling the 800 number.

    It certainly sounds like what happened was that instead of modifying her pick up order they simply sold her a new phone. I don’t think there’s any need to go into the store or talk to a manager... just cancel the existing order and she should be good.
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    That makes sense. For some reason, I was thinking the IMEI # might be connected to the order number or something.

    Thanks for the help!

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