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Apple Health app not pulling all steps data from new Apple Watch Series 6

Cathy Crittenden Miller

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Sep 24, 2020
Just got a new AppleWatch 6 and now the steps on my Health app don't match what is showing on my Apple Watch. The Apple Watch steps do match the steps shown in the Fitness App on the phone. I have made sure the new watch is listed first in the data sources for the Health app & rebooted both the watch and the phone (iPhoneX - iOS 14). When I look at the detail in the data source of the Health app for the new watch it shows only 3628 steps but the Fitness app and watch both show 11,131 steps. It's like the data source tab from the health app isn't pulling all the data from the watch. The time stamps show current times, so it is up to date/time for synching. I know I had steps during a certain time period but they don't show up in the detail tab for my Apple Watch data source under the Health app, but are recorded on the Apple Watch and in the Fitness app shown on the phone.
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