Apple holds price - but they're still sellin'

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 11, 2009.

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    No comments on this article? Interesting. If the article had even hinted that Apple's market share might be declining, it would take only minutes for this thread to be full of posts explaining exactly why Apple has to completely alter the way they approach the market, or be doomed.
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    They're over at the new shuffle thread attacking the new proprietary move
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    Everyone is so short sighted to just look at hardware vs hardware, if they educate themselves at all the will take into consideration how many hours and dollars they spend "maintaining" a Windows based machine. Makes the choice rather easy.

    Pay a fixed premium now for a Mac with OSX from Apple or...

    Pay for years on end with a Windows based machine and let it bleeds you to death.

    That 600 dollar dell isn't so cheap in 2 years after all the additional software, time and effort to keep it running. Not the mention the vast majority of users have no clue how to do all the virus, spyware, adware protection and general maintenance so they end up spending hundreds more taking to someone to "clean up" and this will repeat for them year after year.

    Look at the big picture and Apple's products running OSX look very different.

    Pick your poison... either way your going to pay.
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    Jun 5, 2008
    All is really dependent on the use. A good IT team looking after our laptops prevents any issues as they are reinstalled to set image files after use.

    My MacBook Pro might look pretty at my control desk but when it comes to buying a mini-displayport to something useful adaptor not to mention having to get a hold of a USB to RS232 with an actual working drivers disc... Oh and letting Powerpoint run VB addons!

    I love my Macs and wouldn't have it any other way if it was my world but unfortunately, as with a lot of jobs, the equipment needed just hasn't been made Macpatible yet. Although I am learning to develop for mac so this can be addressed!!

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