Apple HomeKit Wall Switch Question (Lutron Caséta)

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    I currently have Philip Hue bulbs in my downstairs as can lights (BR30). I am in the market to now upgrade our light switches to Apple HomeKit compatible.

    I understand that the in-wall switch technically kills the power thus eliminating the use of the Hue bulbs. So my thought is, that on any switch that uses a Hue bulb, I would hardwire the switch behind the faceplate and put a remote of some sort on the faceplate to eliminate visitors coming in and killing my lights. For any not controlling my lights, i.e. my fan, I would install an Apple HomeKit compatible in-wall switch.

    What I would like are the switches to be Apple HomeKit and to work with siri.

    So, I've been reading a lot about the Lutron Caseta and they seem to be the top rated. I'm not the biggest fan of the looks of them, but in order for my switches to work with Apple HomeKit, those seem to be the best.

    My questions are:

    - Do I need to buy the Smart Bridge for it to be Apple HomeKit compatible?
    - If I purchase the bridge, would the Lutron LZL-4B-WH-L01 work?
    - I do like the idea of the pico remote to have the "favorite" scene so I can quickly set it back to my default setting of a typical incandescent setting.
    - Would it be best to buy the Starter Kit and put the in-wall switches on things that do not control my lights and put the pico remotes on items that require the use of lights?

    For instance, I have a 3 faceplate and I'm thinking of putting two in-wall switches on them (1 for the fan & 1 for the fan lights (non-hue) and then a pico remote (uses my living room Hue lights) on it. Is that possible? Would they all then work with Apple HomeKit?

    Thanks for the advice and help!
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    Also, if I buy their Smart Bridge and then install switches on things like my fan that do NOT need dimming, will it still be HomeKit compatible? If I do that and not buy the starter kit, could I then buy two Lutron switches (non-dimming), one Pico remote and the Smart Bridge and have them all fit on one three-face plate and all be HomeKit compatible?
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    Yes, you'll need the smart bridge to make it HomeKit compatible.

    The connected bulb remote you listed is to control zigbee connected bulbs like the Cree connected bulbs. I don't think it includes clearconnect (what the caseta wireless products use) so it wouldn't connect to the bridge (it also states it does not work with caseta wireless).

    No, your suggested use of the pico remote will not work. The pico remotes pair with a Lutron dimmer and only a Lutron dimmer. What they're used for are in a 3-way switch situation (one dimmer replaces one switch and a pico remote replaces the other switch). Or to add a 3-way switch where one didn't exist before, or simply a remote on the table or wherever.

    For fan control, you can't use standard light dimmers.. you would need a specific fan switch, or possibly use the caseta on/off switch if the fan is within load specs. But I would check with an electrician.

    I also wouldn't recommend removing the existing switch and hardwiring it to stay always on. There are probably electrical/fire codes against this. Not to mention you can't ever turn them off for whatever reasons (changing bulbs, bridge dies, reset lights, etc). I would just mount a Hue dimmer or tap next to the switch and either label the existing switch with "do not turn off" or just inform people not to.
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    There are switch guards that discourage people from flipping the switch but still allow you to flip it when you really need to.


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