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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kobe24izzy, Apr 12, 2013.

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    I have an iPhone 5 since September and ever since there's been a few scuff's and scratches that are pretty visible. I just to know if I can send it back to Apple and if I can will they replace it?? I know some of you guys will say "Just get a case and live with it" but there are times I just want to take the case off and use it caseless.
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    Bro, you can send your phone back? What are you talking about? Apple's warranty is for problems with the phone. If you bought the extended Applecare+ coverage, you can pay for a replacement if something is wrong with it. A scuff or scratch, regardless of visibility does not warrant a replacement phone. Cosmetic damage is not considered a reason for replacement..

    Please people.. Stop ruining the experience for everyone by crapping on the system. Follow the rules! Seriously.
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    OP posted on another thread that he wants the T-Mobile iphone now, does not have the money for one, and is looking for a way out. Hence this new post :rolleyes:

    "I would love to buy a t-mobile iphone but I don't have the money and like they said, if I want to stay with my current iPhone 5, I have to wait until December to get 4G Is there any way I can replace my current iPhone 5 for a tmobile iphone?"
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    i've been using mine caseless, and mine is pretty much mint. Why would you return a functional phone just for scratches..etc. you caused? Murrica worries me..
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    Wear and tear isn't included in the warranty unless it was some sort of manufacturing defect that was causing the phone to fall apart. You will have more luck going into a store and speaking with a Genius, if possible, as a Genius is a real person you can deal with instead of just being in the hands of Apple's systematic warranty service via mail program which is much more strict in terms of what they consider worthy of warranty service and/or replacement.
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    Jul 2, 2012
    So in 3 months when it shows more wear and tear will you replace it again?

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