Apple iPhone Trounces Google Android In Q4 -- Survey (AAPL, ...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Quoted in this article, Morgan Stanley states that the iPhone outsold the G1 by 6 to 1 in the US last quarter (1750k to 300k), but I think their estimates are probably too high for the G1 and definitely too low for the iPhone.

    For last quarter, Gene Munster sees the iPhone above 6 Million worldwide which would have to be at least 2.5 Million in the US. I think it's likely that the iPhone outsold the G1 by 10 to 1 or more. We will know more tonight when Apple's report is out.
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    considering that
    1) the iphone is older and more established software wise
    2) google phone is damned ugly
    3) apple is a fashion item
    4) android isn't ready for mass adoption yet
    5) android is a niche product at the moment

    its not exactly surprising that the g1/android isn't selling too well just yet. Wait till a better option comes out and the os is fully featured (hell last time I checked I couldn't even sync with my desktop)

    As an os android has a huge potential, its just not ready for the prime time just yet.

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