Apple, JavaOne and Oracle


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Apr 9, 2001
1,785 has an great article about Apple's commitment to Java technolgies at the JavaOne conference:

We want to encourage developers at the conference to bring their applications to OS X. To support this, Apple is offering a compatibility lab of 10-15 Macs, fully staffed to help developers get their applications to Macintosh during the show.

The article also mentions that Apple is working with Oracle to move its applications to OS X:

We’re working with Oracle on bringing its applications to be fully served by OS X – and we’re trying to do this as soon as possible


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Jan 2, 2002
It's good that Oracle is finally coming to Mac, but Apple REALLY needs to offer server hardware.

Rackmountable, hot-swappable power and drives, honest to goodness server hardware.

Oracle on an iMac, i don't think so...:p :rolleyes:


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Jul 24, 2001
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Having a front running database, like Oracle, that also runs on a Mac can only help expand Mac's potential market place. As far as I can tell there is nothing about a iMac that would prevent it from being a good Oracle station.

The last time I tried Oracle we were using Labview to find the data and Oracle, by way of SQL, to store and retrieve. At that time Mac's could not be used, no current version of Oracle and a slooow implementation of SQL for databases that were available.

At least a Mac could be considered if Oracle was brought back to the Mac.

If Apple is able to get vendors to offer Mac choices long term eventually that has to make a difference in market share. Unfortunately Oracle tried the Mac plateform years ago and left. I suspect sagging profits. If Oracle comes to Mac and lose money again there may never be a third time. Worst yet other companies are watching and may never try if a major player like Oracle strikes out twice while testing the world of Mac.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.....


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Mar 26, 2002
I think you'll find this article is talking about ensuring Oracle's Java based application suite works on the OS X Java implementation (which it currently doesn't) rather than porting any of the server products.

That would be a hell of a lot of work for very little gain, given the state of the Mac in the real enterprise server market.



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Jan 30, 2002
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Oracle 9i on Mac

I agree that this article probably indicates a move of the Java apps to Mac OS X, and not the database.

However, I do not think porting Oracle 9i to OS X would really be that much work. Oracle was built from the ground up on Unix, it is still prefered on Unix, it did not take them too long to support Linux, why not OS X? Most of the 9i tools even in windows are Java apps.

I think it would be a good move.


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Oct 25, 2001

I just figured out why Aqua is so slow.

In the article, they mention that they'd like to get Java Desktop applications running as fast if not faster than traditional Desktop applications.

The *only* GUI I can think of where that might be possible is Aqua. :)

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Nov 1, 2001
I've seen rack mounted g4s. XM Satellite radio has them all throughout their 84 sound studios. And each studio has a Cinema Display (22"), really impressive.


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Jan 3, 2002
Originally posted by dukestreet
I've seen rack mounted g4s. XM Satellite radio has them all throughout their 84 sound studios. And each studio has a Cinema Display (22"), really impressive.
The only problem with rack mount macs is that they are usually just macs with a rack around them not a rack enclosure for hardware. You end up paying for things you will not use like the case and, since you can not BTO Macs without optical drives, you need to buy one of them, too... not to mention the other ports you would not use in a bulk, rack mount server situation.

I REALLY hope they port 9i to MacOS.... it is so degrading to have a Mac loving office being forced to also run 2 DOS boxes and shifting to VPC for support with the database... esp with most of the server work is done on Macs.

May I say on the side, while the stats on the old DPs (450 and 500) arn't so great for a desktop user, they are FANTASTIC for servers. A server does not need an expensive video card or the other cool perks that come with the new G4 and having 2 processors totaling 1GHz works like a charm at a FAR lower cost.