Apple: Kicking Down a Back Door to the Enterprise

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 18, 2008.

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    I'm the IT officer for a small company that is all Apple. It's so small that I only work part time :cool: and we don't even have an office server :p Even so, the lack of back end biz specific support from Apple is something that I see almost every day.

    I can understand Apple not wanting to go into enterprise - that takes some serious effort. I also have memories of companies and schools filled with ranks of old outdated apples struggling to run OS 8 or whatever, and annoying everyone who tried to use them.

    However, if Apple could start on the small end, and target the small to medium company, they could really build up their skills there.

    We considered buying a MacPro as an office server, but I advised against it as just doesn't do enough for us for the money, and a mac mini isn't expandable enough. Also OSX Server doesn't have Apple's famous ease of use, (see the OSX Server threads) and Apple doesn't really have any focus on providing a simple office backend solution.

    If Apple could create an office backend that worked well, they could really make inroads into making small companies more mac friendly. Small companies probably replace their computers more than big companies, and also are more laptop and iMac friendly, which is where Apple's strength lies.

    Remember Apple, all these Apple laptops and iMacs need supporting! And you're not providing a support solution!
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    nice article there. but hopefully with the iPhone getting a major upgrade in June, Apple will get more into the Enterprise
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    The article was dead on.

    I think the single source vendor thing was kind of glossed over though. Makes it hard to put out a competitive bid that most large organizations require.
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    ^^ But Microsoft is a single-source vendor too...

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