Apple LED Cinema Display 24" won't turn on, usb ports dead, magsafe power OK

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by fevangelou, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. fevangelou macrumors newbie


    Apr 6, 2015
    This is my first post ever in MacRumors so please be gentle with me :)

    I have a LED Cinema Display 24" (Model A1267) that simply won't turn on, after being stored for around 8-9 months in room temperature in my office, in its original box. The monitor worked just fine before that and was used on a daily basis for at least 4-5 hours, purchased in 2009 and still in an excellent condition (like new).

    I connected the monitor to multiple Macs and it simply won't turn on. However the weird thing is that power comes through just fine from the magsafe cable to my laptop (MBP 15" latest).

    I did not try any PMC resets because I doubt that would help. Furthermore, if I connect a USB flash drive to one of the 3 ports in the back of the monitor, the drive won't show up in the OS. The monitor doesn't show show up in the OS at all (of course). When I connect the power cable to the monitor, I don't hear any spinning fan, however I think I sense a very slight smell of something burnt. Additionally, when I connect the monitor on my laptop, there is no brief display on/off in the laptop's monitor (thus excluding the possibility of a broken LCD panel).

    I see that there are essentially 3 main components for this monitor that could be affected: logic board, power supply, all-in-one cable. I assume that by the fact that there is power on the magsafe cable, it is probably not a power issue (the monitor was always connected to an APC multi outlet surge protector). I can also assume that since the all-one-cable is partially working (providing power through the magsafe connector), it's probably not an issue with it as well. Since I can't measure voltage on the logic board per Apple's technical manual (I can easily disassemble the device, but I don't have the tools to do the job of a technician), should I simply go for the logic board (P/N 661-4823), or could it also be a partial problem with the all-one-cable (P/N 922-8679) as well?

    Let me clarify that I (unsuccessfully) tried to send the monitor to my country's primary distributor of Apple products, but I kinda hit a wall (probably too busy fixing iPhones). However I can order the parts from the UK.

    Any help from experience is appreciated.
  2. colt_germany macrumors newbie

    Dec 16, 2016
    Hi fevangelou!
    I am facing exactly the same problem with my Apple Cinema display.
    Just not used it for several months... Now the display keeps black, the Display is not discovered by Mac OS.
    USB, charging, camera and charging works!

    I measured the power created by the power supply and it looks ok.

    Did you ever find a solution for the problem?

  3. KaSilver macrumors newbie


    Jan 15, 2018
    Oakland, CA
    Did this get handled? This just happened to my Cinema Display this weekend. I have had it for years. Went to move it across the room and now the monitor will not acknowledge anything plugged to it. But the magsafe plug works fine.

  4. Mac_dino macrumors newbie

    May 17, 2018
    Hi KaSilver!
    I had the same problem. I searched the web up and down, read a gazillion forum posts, spoke with Apple directly, spoke with 3 authorized Apple workshops and 2 independent system administrators. I worked out that it was most likely the all-in-one cable for the following reasons: the display would still power the Macbook and come on for a fraction of a second every now and then when plugging in the cable. And most posts, youtube videos and articles I found related to a) where to source a new all-in-one cable and b) how to install said cable. As to point a): there aren't any more around. Period. Apple stopped producing them years and years ago, the cinema displays were only on the market for a short period of time and there are no parts available anymore. Unless you buy a used monitor which happens to have a working cable. BUT:
    I found one clever post of a “guy” (unfortunately I forgot to bookmark his post :( who seemed to know a bit about electronics and wrote something about the cable not being properly shielded. He had an image showing his cable wrapped in aluminium foil and he claimed it worked ... I was so frustrated at the time and had almost resigned to the fact that I would probably have to buy a new monitor. So I had nothing to lose, and I tried it – I wrapped my cable from where it is attached to the monitor to where it goes into the port on my MacBook in aluminium foil. My monitor has been working for a week now without any hickups! Of course, I can't guarantee that this will solve your problem, but it could be worth a try!
    Good luck!

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