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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by slightly, Jul 13, 2003.

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    This is really a question for arn and other webmasters who run Apple/Mac help and discussion websites. I am in the process of setting up my own Mac technical support site - the content will be free (or at least voluntarily supported), but I'll also advertise my own paid support services on the site.

    I was looking through Apple's "Terms of Use" policy and it seems like they pretty much don't allow the use of any logo, the word "Apple", "Mac", any images of the computers, even using "a picture of a real apple for any purpose"(!) is forbidden. You can't even use the Apple "style".

    Obviously most of the sites don't seem to follow these exactly to the letter. So, my question is - what can you, in practice, get away with? and does it make a difference if you have a "paid for" part of the site (ie you're running a business off the thing)

    I'm particularly interested in sites like Kavasoft ( ) which obviously sell a product but are merrily using Aqua and the familiar Myriad font and layout.

    Thanks for any advice or experience you can offer.

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    Apple does not normally mind as long as you don't do anything that could cause problems for Apple and their business. For example, a while back a Devil Worshipping site used the Apple's 'Think Different' logo. This was because the sites creator was also a Mac fan. Apple legal got on to it because it could cause offence to Muslims/Jews/Christains.

    I few years back Apple had graphics you could put on your website saying things like 'Made with Mac'.

    Edit: The worst thing that could happen if you did use Apple material on your site would be a letter from Apple asking you change your site. So as long as you don't do anything that could cause problems for Apple, e.g. say how to crack iTMS bought music, you should be OK.
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    Apple will not do anything as long as you do not violate two conditions:

    A. You do not pretend to be Apple unless it is a joke that is clearly marked.

    B. You do not group Apple with anything that is bad publicity (I'll use Apple logos on my Satanist site or use an aqua layout on my Neo-Nazi fansite)

    They probably won't bother you if you don't do these things. Just be warned that if you are on a .mac server they may be a bit stricter about this issue.
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    :looks at post:

    *looks around*


    Your a ...

    no... can't be.
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    I've been wondering for a while about the 'three' adverts in the UK.

    They use a close equivelent to Apple Garmond as the typeface in their ads.

    They use a white background

    The ad campaign is focused on change and innovation, just like 'think different' was.

    The logo is very aqua like

    The colours the are rippling in the logo are the kind of vivid colours the iMacs were made in.

    The service is 3G, it's only my guess that a certain A.I.M. Consortium made sure it wasn't G3.

    I'd love to find some screenshots from their recent adverts to show people outside the UK what I mean. It's so apparent I'm surprised Apple didn't put a stop to it months ago unless apple actually had something to do with the ad campaign themselves in return for 3G support in quicktime or something.

    Just a thought.

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