Apple mail won't undo a delete


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Jul 17, 2002
Using Apple mail. Sometimes I delete something too fast. Usually when I hit control-z it brings it right back into the mailbox. Just upgraded computers and now it won't do it anymore. I can still physically find it in the trash and move it over, but the undo function doesn't work anymore.

Any suggestions?


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Aug 28, 2012
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I would assume the OP meant Control-Z, but now I'm thinking there might be a third-party keyboard involved with the old Mac.
It'd be a pretty old third-party keyboard if it lacked a Windows key. Windows key is the default substitute for Command (not CTRL) unless there's some keyboard re-mapping going on.

It may be the OP had remapped from Command-Z to Control-Z, perhaps with a third-party 32-bit app that was deprecated by the move to Catalina.