Apple Makes Its Case for the Connected Home in 2004

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    May 2, 2002

    This one's worth reading just for the surreal experience of seeing Paul Thurott (noted Mac-basher and paid Microsoft cheerleader, with a history of spreading misinformation on both counts) praise just about everything Apple makes. (He also seems to be switching from his beloved Dell DJ back to iPod, after previously buying an iPod for no apparent reason other than to "say" he switched from it to Dell!)

    "yes, Macs are a little bit expensive compared to that PC you're using. But as your parents might have told you, you often get what you pay for...

    Macs are more elegant than PCs, generally more reliable, and far less likely to succumb to an electronic attack largely because attackers don't target Macs but also because the Mac's underlying UNIX technology is so mature and well written. Macs use the modern and visually gorgeous Mac OS X. They include a best-of-breed set of digital media applications called iLife. And they interoperate nicely with PCs, supporting Windows networks and file types. So you'll be able to transfer files easily between Macs and PCs, making the Mac a nice choice for a second PC.

    ...If you're into playing the newest games, feel free to enjoy your virus-laden PC. But if you use email, a Web browser, or Microsoft Office, or you want to burn a DVD movie of your family's most recent birthday party, the Mac isn't just a great alternative--it might be the obvious choice. ...There's just something right about a Mac.

    ...My advice is to wait for the iMac or snag one of Apple's gorgeous PowerBook or iBook notebook computers if you're the mobile type. You won't be disappointed."

    Did Microsoft's check to Thurott bounce last week?

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