Apple Might Have Some 'Splainin' to Do

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Where are all these articles coming from about Apple is going after Palm? In there quarterly conference call Tim Cook said that if anyone copies their patents they will go after them. He never says that they have a multi-touch patent, and that Palm and Windows are copying it.
    I think everyone is getting all excited that apple will sue palm and put them out of business making them just that much bigger of a company. Don't forget we need the competition to force apple to keep creating products that are better than everything else.
    Sure it sucks that apple has to put so much money into research + development for their products, and as such sell them with a higher price tag while other companies are just copying the technology that apple brought to the playing field(not saying it wasn't available to anyone else, apple is just the only company that really pushes most of the technology that ends up hitting mainstream) and selling it for cheaper(crappier products). But obviously that strategy is more than paying off for apple. So I say keep the competition alive, forcing apple to keep rethinking what is innovative, and coming out with better products every year. :apple:
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    I just read this article too.

    Stupidity. Apple's so worried....

    Now all we need is the Zune Phone, or maybe the new Touchscreen Smartphone from Dell... :rolleyes:
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    You know what...

    If the Palm Pre is going to be such an iPhone killer, all Apple needs to do is buy Palm out and squash the product (or release it as the Apple Pre)...

    Apple has over $20 Bn in cash!!! That is a ridiculous amount. Also, Palm is trading at about $900 mn market cap. Even if Apple offers a 100% premium (ridiculously high) they can acquire all of Palm without spending more than 10% of their cash... Loose change!
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    I think Apple's tiger has no teeth. Especially since the multi-touch wasn't protected until last week. Which means, in theory, any company that mearly introduced the multi-touch concept before last week would be protected from patent infringement. It's hard to violate a patent that doesn't exist yet.

    As for Microsoft, I doubt they are worried. Especially since they showed off the Microsoft Surface multi-touch features almost a year before Apple announced the iPhone. And I remember, at the time, multi-touch was supposed to be included with Vista, but they changed their mind at the last minute.

    Apple just needs to recognize that multi-touch is a method for entering information like a keyboard. This is like GM trying to patent the tire to prevent Ford and Chrysler from using it because it was on their cars first.

    If Apple wants to prevent iPhone knockoffs, I'm all for it. If I picked up a Blackberry and the only thing that can tell it and the iPhone apart is the logo on the back, then I would I would say Apple has a case. But I think the Pre does plenty that the iPhone doesn't, and vice-versa, and would not be considered a violation of the patent.

    Apple own the patent, but they may end up finding it unenforcable.
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    You've got to love speculation based on even more speculation. Some pundits seem to have made up their minds that Apple is going to sue Palm, no matter what the Pre looks like when it's finally released, no matter what Apple may or may not have patented or copyrighted, no matter whether they've got any prospect of succeeding, and no matter how poorly considered it might be.

    Yup, that makes sense. On a slow news day, anyway.

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