Apple misses the boat...


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Oct 10, 2001
Victoria, BC, Canada
I was confident that after Apple announced an 800MHz iMac, that they would also be uppgrading the PowerMacs. How can we have a faster and WAY more useful iMac than a PowerMac? I dont know about you, but I would pay a hundred dollars more (if I had any money at all) for the iMac that the baseline PowerMac. The iMac is faster, has more memory, has a superdrive, and comes with a monitor.

(dont forget that you can add new hard drives via firewire, and USB, so this thing is pretty expandable. I heard about a pci slot box that connects to a firewire port, and with 5USB slots, there is no need for a hub)

I think they 100% will have a big speed bump at MW Tokyo or they will have just shot them selves in the foot with a bazooka. For the time being, they just used a pellet gun and blew a toe off.

any thoughts?


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
Im sure

Im sure Apple will ship some faster Towers. They can not and will not leave the consumer level and Pro level machines that close for loong. My 867 looks a bit over price today. I did get it a month after it came out... but still. With the LCD ... it cost me my first born son.


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Dec 25, 2001
The "new" Apple line up would have been so very nice 1 year ago. And that's what it feels like. i wonder if Jobs has finally just exited stage right from reality? The iMac, i like, but the PowerMacs have been in a limbo of sorts for near 2 years now. Since I purchased my 500 MHz powerpc, Apple has in that year and a half, gone up by 300 MHz. Meanwhile, intel and AMD run circles around each other trying for the fastest with every chip announcement. I thought Steve noting that the goal of getting 5 of every 100 PC buyers to go Apple as doubling market share was pathetic. I can hardly believe that Apple competed at all with any of the current tech leaders. On the plus side, the software Apple is throwing at us is really quite nice. A little more streamlining of OS X, and they've got a realy super software line up.
Eventually Apple will have to upgrade the towers to Apollo or G5 processors, I just hope they decide to take a plunge and make it big, as in at most 400 MHz short of the other 2. But what i am afraid of is this painfully slow 167 MHz every 6 months. Apple will be dead within 2 years like this. And I am sorry, but for consumers MHz count. Now if intel was so kind as to rate their PCs by gigaflops, well then it wouldn't seem too bad.
All in all, i was pleased by the keynote, but now Steve needs to focus a year or so on a severly dated Pro line.



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Nov 24, 2001
and update the hardware in the laptops!!!

The laptops are beatuful in design, but are aging...the ibook needs to be around G3 1GHZ with a better video card...(preferably G4) and the Tibooks need more speed as well...