Apple Music. Can´t delete tracks from iTunes!

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    Jan 7, 2011
    Please help! This problem is starting to get pretty annoying, I´ve been trying to sort out this couple of days now googling and figuring it out myself, but no luck whatsoever.

    Basically after the launch of Apple Music I wanted to start things from scratch. So I wanted to delete all music from my desktop iTunes and from my iPhone. Should be easy, right? No!

    Well after fighting couple of days I´ve manage to delete the music and my libraries, but the iTunes is still showing some "ghost tracks", that I simply cannot delete. Both my desktop iTunes and iPhone libraries are completely empty, but when I connect my iPhone to sync with iTunes, iTunes shows some old playlist/library, which I can´t delete or edit at all. And if I sync new songs to my library, the new songs are not shown here, just this old "ghost library".

    iTunes ---> iPhone ---> On My Device ---> Music (I want this emptied, but can´t)

    So how can I empty and get rid of everything on this "on my device music" library?
  2. Otelm macrumors newbie


    Nov 18, 2013
    My suggestion would be

    • disable iCloud music library and iTunes match on the device
    • in itunes > iPhone > Settings (NOT "on my device") > turn sync music on and choose to sync only a subset of the library (maybe only one test track)
    • manually sync, now you should have only what you selected in the previous step shown in "on my device"
    • deselect everything in iPhone > settings > music and sync again
    I haven't done this myself with the new iTunes so I don't know if it would work. If this doesn't work, can you delete all your music from your phone in settings > general > usage > manage storage?

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