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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 938092, Feb 5, 2016.

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    So my carrier offers a deal where I get a year of Apple Music free, then continued through carrier billing. The first time i tried to enable music it came up like this:


    I thought ok that's fine and I signed in with my Apple ID and everything works good. But every so often (usually 3-4 times a day), when I start my music app, it will show up again and ask me the same thing 'sign in to get started' the new and radio sections still work fine but I can't view the 'for you' until I sign in again. Each time when I press sign in to get started it shows this:

    I press continue and it takes me to the for you page and all works well, then when I haven't used Apple Music for a while it'll take me to the 'make it personal' sign in page where I have to repeat the process to view the 'for you' tab. As I said, 'radio' and 'new' work if I don't sign in. This is incredibly frustrating and I'm wondering what could cause it?

    I had a trial that expired a while ago if that makes any difference:

    Edit: It should be noted that I just had the issue again just then and this time instead of signing in again I pressed the account icon in the top left where I was asked to enter my password to view account info. After entering the password and backing out, it didn't ask me to sign in on the 'for you' page so for some reason I'm basically having to reverify my password every so often effectively... I don't think this is normal.
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    I would contact Apple about this as there may be an issue with the service authenticating your AppleID.

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