Apple music program gets even better with revision

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 30, 2006.

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    Not a bad article, but with one big mistake. AAC is not an Apple proprietary format. Non-Apple programs (like WinAmp) and players (like some Kenwood car stereos) can play AAC as well.

    If Windows Media Player can't, then it's a deficiency of WMP, not an Apple problem.
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    Yeah... Next thing you know they'll tell us H.264 is an Apple proprietary format that only plays on the 5th gen. iPod! :eek:
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    yeah, and itunes for windows still manages to import (but thankfully convert away from) windows media audio files. if microsoft was paying any attention to the market, they would atleast support AAC, but since it isn't proprietary, there wouldn't be any need to convert away from it (dear lord, who would want their AAC files converted to WMA?!)

    but a less-computer-proficient friend was confused today as to why itunes can import and convert windows media audio but not video. are there any programs out there that will convert WMV to MP4 or even MPEG? i know you could do it with flip4mac on mac os x, but what about windows?

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