Apple needs a second iPhone size because people buy on form factor.

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    The conversation below is a pretty good example of how consumer logic works where literally everything is ignored except for a few specs mainly boiling down to form factor. This is why the Galaxy S3 has become so big. The longer Apple ignores this, the longer their cash cow will keep being bled dry by companies willing to give consumers what they are willing to buy.

    Don't get me wrong, I personally really really like a smaller phone, at it's current resolution, at it's current processing speed etc and want Apple to keep updating the iPhone 5 and keep it the size it is, at most making the bezel even smaller with the screen taking up a larger area.

    But some people need a bigger number. And one size does not fit all, and form factor is one of the biggest factors that people buy their phones on. Apple cannot remain blind to these things. Which is why they need to at the least release two side by side phones of different sizes, like the iPad and iPad mini. Perhaps even with the exact same specs.

    Bring on the iPhone + or iPhone Pro or iPhone 5L

    Consumer #1: Yeah as a long time iPhone owner I ditched it for the Galaxy S3 this time around, they say it's much better.

    Consumer #2: I've heard the same thing.

    Consumer #1: Yeah it's great!

    Skeptic: How is it much better?

    Consumer #1: Because the screen is better.

    Skeptic: No it's not. The S3 screen is a cheap piece of junk. If you rock the display left to right for example on the S3 you'll see that the color violently changes to weird tones from just a few degrees away from the viewing angle. On top of that if you look at the colors they're completely off and messed up on the S3.

    Consumer #1: What do you mean the colors are messed up?

    Skeptic: Let me show you I'll pull up the same photo. *pulls up photo* it looks like you're looking through a cheap instagram filter at everything.

    Consumer #1: Wow I've never noticed that before. But the S3 has more pixels.

    Skeptic: No really. It has a higher resolution but it has fewer pixel sites. The screen on the iPhone 5 is made up of an even amount of red green and blue pixels. On the S3 there are half the red and blue pixels. Which means that overall there are about 30% fewer pixel sites on the S3, at a higher resolution and greater DPI. This results in a serious cross hatching pattern that makes the screen look noticeably grainy and a very poor color gamut that makes everything look like it's through a filter. On top of that if you look at the screen itself next to mine you'll see that it's less than half the brightness.

    Consumer #2: But the S3 is faster with a better processor.

    Skeptic: No, not really. The international version of the S3 has the quad core Exynos 1.4 gig processor, the US version has a dual core 1.5 gig processor. The iPhone 5 processors is the A6 1.02 gig processor that can selectively ramp it's clock speed up to 1.3 gigs and possibly beyond.

    Consumer #2: Right so 1.5 is more than 1.3.

    Skeptic: No it actually ends up being slower. You can't really compare two different processors with two different architectures, it's a very bad comparison. In the end on benchmarks the iPhone 5 processor performs nearly identically to the Galaxy S3 international quad core version, and is about 15% faster than the US dual core LTE galaxy S3. With graphics processor you can compare them more directly and the iPhone 5 has about 28 gigaflops of processing power with it's PowerVR graphics chip while the Galaxy S3 only has 7 gigaflops of graphics processing power, which is 4 times less. So that's 15% more CPU and 4 times more GPU.

    Consumer #1: Oh well I thought it was faster, I didn't know it has that much slower. I like the voice recognition on the S3 compared to my old iPhone 4 though. It's more accurate.

    Skeptic: Voice recognition is all based on the same Hidden Markov Model algorithms and is generally around 90% accurate with a large word bank and 99% accurate with a small word bank. So any difference you see doesn't have anything to do with the processing and is likely a coincidence but Apple also added a microphone on the back of the iPhone 5 which picks up surrounding audio and will cancel it which means it sends a much cleaner signal for voice recognition and you can use it in loud places. The iPhone 5 is the only phone which has this features because Apple has the patent on it, which also means it has the best voice recognition accuracy. The iPhone 5 also improved it's response quality to be on par with Jelly Bean, which was the number one downside to the old 4S.

    Consumer #1: That's pretty Interesting, I didn't know voice recognition worked on a common algorithm, maybe it was a coincidence or I just started talking to my phone clearly. I like form of the S3 though.

    Skeptic: The S3 is built like a children's toy. Apple is really the only company that makes high quality cell phones right now. Other manufacturers cut costs left and right making their devices out of the most inexpensive plastic and then advertising to no end when they put a 5 cent piece of kevlar fabric on the back like it's their greatest achievement. Cell phone manufactures besides Apple make cheap low quality devices. Apple's iPhone 5 is said to be the most difficult to manufacture consumer device ever made by Foxconn. They actually are the first manufacturer to use crystalline diamond milled aluminum on a consumer device which cuts and polishes the edge at the same time. They also use lasers to cut out all the ports so there are no finishing marks.

    Consumer #1: Oh wow, I never though about the quality before. I just kind of looked at the color and that was it. What I meant though is I like that it has a bigger screen and that's what I really noticed about it. I ignored the rest. But I did like the neat features like locking the phone or silencing it when you lay it on the screen, and the weather widgets on the home screen.

    Skeptic: My iPhone 5 does each of those things you describe. You can instal them through the Cyndia store along with over 90% of the 53 unique features the S3 has over the iPhone 5. It takes 5 minutes to set up. I can't really help you with the screen size though, so you would have said that the iPhone 5 is much better if it had a bigger screen though right?

    Consumer #1: Yep

    Consumer #2: Pretty much
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    Apple doesn't "need" anything because if people "buy on form factor" as your thread title suggests, then, considering Apple's recent revenue & profit numbers (i.e. their my-business-is-thriving-or-crumbling numbers), they've found an unprecedentedly successful combo (i.e. 4, 4S, 5).
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    High end ($400+) smartphone purchases have gone up 50% in the last year. Apple's year over year profits have stayed the SAME. So yes that would be a wake up call.

    If you're doing the same business with more buyers you're doing it wrong. You're technically getting less buyers as a percent.
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    I understand that but they're doing ridiculously well compared to any other company ever and anyone expecting their previous growth to be sustainable for any lengthy period of time is not living in reality. That's my opinion.
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    Jul 20, 2011
    I bought the first iphone the day it was released and have owned the 3gs and 4s also. My next phone WILL NOT be an iphone unless they blow my doors off with features and it has ZERO to do with the form factor.
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    I also agree with this. I've been looking at BB10 and it looks quite fascinating. It's quite the refresh and it just may be my next purchase. I'm getting tired of the same old look and feel. iOS 6 was a pathetic upgrade and if iOS 7 doesn't impress, I'll be looking to purchase another platform.

    Though, I would love to see a 4.8 inch iPhone screen!
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    I did initially bought a phone partially based on form factor. I wanted a physical keyboard. If the iPhone had a model with a landscape slider keyboard, I would have went for it instead of the Nokia Symbian phone 3 years ago.

    Physical keyboards weren't so popular compared to touch screen keyboards at the time. Right now, the big screen does seem to be a major selling point for many customers. Apple's one size fits all is not working as well now that competitors' screen sizes have increased. Apple has had to respond with the iP5 which has a larger screen.

    A larger screen presents a challenge for Apple and iOS. First of all, Apple markets its "retina display" with its 300+ppi display. The iP4 which is the first device with a retina display is exactly double the resolution (in one dimension) as its predeccesors. The idea was to allow apps to scale properly on the screen. The iP5 keeps the same pixel density while lengthening only one dimension of the screen. It will be interesting to see how they tackle a larger size screen while maintaining the retina pixel density and keep the scaling simple enough. Perhaps the scaling may not be such an issue with faster processors. It remains to be seen what Apple eventually does. Rumour has it that there will be multiple screen sizes of iPhones coming out later this year.
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    You're insane if you think the average consumer discusses or understands:

    • Pixel Density
    • Cydia
    • RGB Display on a phone
    • % of pixel difference (seriously? You must be a blast at parties)
    • # of cores
    • processor speed
    • Gigaflops
    • Manufacturing Process
    • Rooting their phone

    But that was a nice story not to read, maybe next you can tell us how people choose TV shows based on what color lamps are on the set.

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