Apple News Publisher and iCloud accounts

Michael CM1

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Feb 4, 2008
Hey all. I hope I'm addressing the right crowd. I'm looking to figure out how to use News Publisher to see whether my employer can use it easily enough. We've got multiple newspapers and it sounds like a good new source of readership and revenue.

I'm not really a developer, but I did some programming stuff in the past -- mostly Web though. So I'm not a registered Apple developer. I thought about doing so, but I'm not going to until I know it's must.

But to my main point, I'm trying to figure out the best path forward on iCloud accounts. It seems to me like the best method of using News Publisher would be to have each newspaper have its own business-centric iCloud account so it could manage that channel in News. I could obviously sign in to see the News Publisher beta using my personal iCloud account, but I'd rather not have it tied to that so control could be shared among three or four people.

I appreciate any info I can get. The info I found for online is clear as mud regarding this.