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Original poster
Sep 13, 2018
If you go to News settings and toggle on “Restrict Stories in Today” the news widget never displays any stories and just says “Read Stories in Apple News”. The purpose of this feature is to only show stories from sources I follow on the News app. But the widget only works if that option is turned off, forcing me to read the stupid “Trending” stories and stories from sources I have no interest in following. It’s like Apple is forcing you to see the stories they want you to see, because if you turn the “Restrict” option on, their widget doesn’t work. How is it possible a company like Apple can’t even get their own widgets to work properly?


macrumors 6502
Dec 2, 2018
This restriction with the widget app tells me that Apple wants to take it upon itself to curate the news rather than relinquish that choice to the user. I’ve contacted Apple to lift this restriction, but I’ll honestly be surprised if they make the change.
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