Apple NL wont help me fix my in the UK replaced iPhone

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  1. RS85 macrumors newbie

    Jul 20, 2010
    I have been using the iPhone 4 as soon as it was released back in June 2010. I'm living in the Netherlands and was in London at that time of the year, so I bough the sim lock free 16gb version in the Apple Store @ Regent Street.

    Because I was having problems with the menu button in August 2011, I gave dutch AppleCare a call about the issue. After a 40 minute phone call they said that they can't help me, as the phone was bought in the UK. Since I already had planned a trip to London, I decided to book an appointment at the Genius Bar @ Regent Street.

    At the Genius Bar they told me that the phone was out of the 1 year limited warranty. But the european law states that the retailer has to give a 2 year warranty, so after a short talk with the manager they replaced my iPhone 4 with a brand new model. Because I was in a rush to get to the airport, I quickly restored my old back-up, and everything seemed to be working. I was happy with the service they provided. :)

    Back in the Netherlands I noticed I missed some phone calls on the train, and quickly found out the vibrator stopped working. I directly called the dutch AppleCare and told me the same story they told me before. They can't provide service as the phone was bought in the UK, and they also told me that the BRAND NEW iPhone as out of warranty. So apparently the new iPhone inherits the old phones warranty.

    They've basically told me to go back to the Apple Store in London to get this issue solved. And they are not going to help me solve this new issue.

    Is there anyone here that can help me get this issue solved? We don't have an official Apple Store in the Netherlands. And I am running out of options.. Going back to London is not an option for me. :(

    Things I tried to fix the problem myself:
    - Restoring all settings
    - Updated to the latest iOS version
    - Downloaded a vibration app, and smacked the phone in the palm of my hand
    - Hardware reset (holding the power + menu button for 12 seconds)
  2. Saileshbreaker macrumors regular

    Aug 13, 2011
    Did you try a fresh install and then setup as a new phone to test ?

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