Apple now claims iOS security flaws as reason not to hand source code to FBI

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    Never mind all the media hype and ads in the past with Apple touting how much better at security it was than Windows...

    And don't forget the saga, if Apple can help China then why can't it handle the US (the US isn't communist enough?!):
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    Well, a bucket with a small hole hold water better than a colander.;) There is no such thing as a 100% secure OS. If there was, no one--not even its intended user--would be able to access it.

    The US isn't capitalistic enough.:p:p:D When the hail did China become the biggest Capitalist in the world? After Mao died?
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    Crappy labor laws...crappy environmental controls....tis a capitalists dream to reduce operating costs. I too have said they are better capitalists then even the US really. The communism bit just drums up business.

    rest of this....nothing is mentioned about what this audit will entail. This is common. There is a section of the NSA that in fact does the same thing. Does this new doodad send out signals? Why does it do it? Where are is the signal going? They down' just buy stuff and install it going yep...we will trust this blindly on our networks.

    FCC does this as well. So do many other countries regulatory bodies. Really really like that wireless device in the may not be allow overseas at US specifications. Japan is touchy with their frequency controls for example. Device broadcasting in a range they don't dig, its not supposed to be in this country.

    Or as I have mentioned in the past Japan by law requires a cell phone to make the shutter noise when taking a pic. A US phone that can turn this off is not allowed to be sold here. They don't go crazy about checking it if you fly in. Its just apple is not shipping over 500,000 phones with this feature.

    Doubting China is getting source code. Author is going clickbait with the could have's to me. It will be fire it up, sniff the wireless in some way and see what happens.

    if only safari being used...good ole port 80 or 443 should be hit and it should be a nice package that tears down to your basic network fragmetation. Wire shark like technology says will show quite possibly more than you will ever want to know about what your computer is doing when just hitting espn for a game's score.

    Test mail app...port 25 and are its packets looking normal. Not the case...why?

    Also DoJ did not ask for this if the fears come true to see more info. They want a backdoor. They don't even want to work on this stuff. They have that answer already. Dupe the hell out of the drive image and crack it via brute force on the copies. This is what they are trying to avoid.
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    Of course by announcing this in public, Apple has just seized the fate of all iOS users worldwide

    While they say they "won't" help the FBI crack an iPhone implies they have the keys to de-crypt onsite if they choose to, which the FBI will use in their argument i would bet in court, then Apple would be stuffed.

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