Apple offers Mac OS X Maintenance Program

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Ensign Paris, Jun 1, 2002.

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    Apple offers Mac OS X Maintenance Program
    June 1 - 00:50 ET  Apple is offering a new program that will provide users of Mac OS X the opportunity to receive major releases of the company's industrial strength operating system over a three year period. The Program, which will apply to Mac OS X exclusively and not OS X Server, will allow customers to receive future upgrades to the OS as part of the agreement.

    Payment is required up front and covers major releases of Mac OS X that Apple includes in the Program during the three year term, however, education accounts that are legally required to purchase software on an annual basis will be exempt. The minimum purchase for the Program is 10 seats, whether purchased for new or existing hardware. Cancellation refunds will not be accepted during the term, but customers will have 14 days in which to cancel once the agreement is received in the mail. In addition, Apple states that the "Maintenance Program purchase takes place on a transactional basis, like Apple's existing Volume License program." A maintenance agreement, data sheet, and sales presentation will be available in the immediate future.

    Certainly interesting, this will be quite useful for me at work.

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    so I guess this means that 10.2 will certainly be a paid upgrade!?

    or does 'major release' mean only like X to 11 and 11 to 12?

    Well, anyway, thats pretty cool... would be helpful for my school. But.. I don't think the program exists in Japan, so...

    oh well.


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