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  1. liketom macrumors 601


    Apr 8, 2004
    Ok was going to order a 15.2" 1.33 GHz Powerbook from as they do 12 Months buy now pay later done this on my First Mac ,a iBook and it was perfect 10% deposit and 11 months later just pay the outstanding ! in my case i sold my iBook for £600 so that went on to pay for it .

    But a friend of mine was buying some Apple software from PCWorld and noticed they had the 15.2" powers in stock so told me as i was up for a new Apple.

    ok i thought dabs - wait 2 weeks for delivery or jump down to the Devils workshop ( PCWorld ) and demand the Powerbook , Knowing that PCWorld do not sell hardly but any Apple's the one's they have are just token stock! just to say they have em, i thought i could earn a view upgrades free out of this .

    so mid sales pitch the PCWorld Drone was trying to sell the PC Protection 5 years as £641 , i just laughed at him and quoted Apple Care so then came how would i like to pay ? i said Buy now pay later and he said they do not do this ? i was very confused now as i know they do do this - so i said ok sorry to waste your time i'll buy from ! after a 3 min wait while he went off to see someone else i just knew that when he came back he would offer it ! so i thought lets string these guy up and see if they would match Apples Final Cut Express offer for £70 !!! so with 12 months buy now option taken out i said would you match the apple offer for FCE 2 ? he stumbled off again to come back with a FCE 2 box in his hand saying he would for £80 ! Needless to say i snatched his hand off ...

    so i now have my lovely Powerbook 15.2" 1.33 with FCE 2 for £1480 -£148 (10%) put down there and then and £1080 to pay in 12 months ( Ebay £700 - £1000 )

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    Dec 24, 2003
    I'm surprised you say the Apple stock at PC World is just "token" stock. At the PC World I frequent in downtown London I see people buying Macs every time I go in.

    I actually see more people actually walking out with Macs than with PCs. Maybe I've just been missing all the PC buyers.

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