Apple Pencil owners - what do you use it for?


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Jun 5, 2017
I’ve seen all the fancy promo videos but i’m curious out in the real world, what do you guys/girls use the apple pencil for?


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May 11, 2012
I used to use it for sketching, drawing and writing (most of the time in the wonderfull Paper-by-WeTransfer app).

To me, the Apple Pencil once was a big step forward from all the dumb stylus'es I had been using before, but in the end, at least for me, it just couldn't beat the real thing.

Drawing on the iPad felt more and more like activating a digital brush and generating a digital file.
Writing with the Apple Pencil on the iPad actually degenerated my own natural handwriting more and more.

This is why I gave up on the iPad/Pencil combo, and went back to analog.
Traveler's Notebook, Lamy 2000, Lamy Scribble...
I love every bit of it, rebuilt my sketching and writing skills, and probably won't go back to digital again.


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Jun 16, 2018
Drawing, coloring, notes, signing/marking documents. I'm not a heavy user of the pencil, but it definitely comes in handy in certain situations.


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Oct 11, 2012
Note-taking. Original 9.7" Pro. Original Pencil.

Also use it to play Soduko 🐹
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Did you not get it replaced? Sounds like you got a bad pencil.
I've not had it with me whenever I have visited a store since, I suppose they would laugh me out of the store if I tried to return it now.


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Although I do use the Pencil for note taking, which is super handy as I no longer need to figure out which journal I wrote a particular note in, what I use it most for is scrolling and selecting. I hate fingerprints on the screen, and the Pencil works better, and is more precise, than a mouse when working on my iPad Pro.

It’s one thing to have fingerprints on your iPhone, or any handheld device, as it’s easy enough to just wipe it on your pant leg or shirt to clean off the surface, but the larger screen of the iPad makes that nearly impossible.

I can’t imagine having a laptop or even larger desktop screen that was touch capable, because it’s enough of a pain to clean the iPad Pro, let alone adding inches or more to the size and the mess that fingerprints leave on the screen.
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Dec 13, 2010
Got mine to use with Procreate and some basic note taking. I don't use it as much as I thought I would though.


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Sep 19, 2010
I am no artist, so for me, the Apple Pencil is useful for:

  • Note Taking
  • Annotating/Marking up Documents and Photos
  • Drawing simple diagrams with dimensions etc..

Of course, I could find other ways to do this stuff on my Mac or iPhone or simple paper and notebook. However, the experience is better on an iPad. Now, is it worth $100 plus the hassle for keeping it charged and carrying it around? I am not entirely sure.


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Nov 16, 2010
I use mine for note taking, for Affinity photo artwork and also when editing large amounts of photos. iPad pro and new pencil is an amazing combo.