Apple please give us iMovie 3!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by mister880, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. mister880 macrumors member

    Jul 20, 2002

    How likely do you think it will be for us to see an update to the now dated iMovie? I switched to the mac a few years ago when their iMac came out with firewire and iMovie.

    Currently I am using an older CRT iMac with a 500mhz G3 and 320 Megs of Ram. I have really outgrown this setup and want something faster. When Apple improved and lowered their prices on the Dual GHZ Power Mac I made up my mind to get one! But over @ CompUSA I started playing with iMovie on one of these new machines and overall it didn't feel all that much faster. Rendering times were only slightly faster and it surely didn't feel like a 1500mhz gain not to mention a better chip than what I am using now. From my expiercance @ CompUSA I left without getting a new Power Mac and left with one simple question... Does iMovie use the extra Altivec found in the G4 Chip?

    I live in the Cincinnati Market and I would like to make a quick comment on the new Apple Store in Kenwood's unfair inventory! Cincinnati has had 3 major Macintosh Vendors... CompUSA, Microcenter and The Cincinnati Computer Store. I really think it's unfair for Apple owned stores to get new inventory weeks sometimes months before the other Cincinnati area stores get their stock in! Apple Store has had iMac G4's since it's launch while the other area stores have been back logged for months! Now it's starting all over again with new Power MacS! Doesn't this give Apple an unfair advantage? Wont vendors git pissed off and drop Macintosh? Where does this leave Apple if their Mall Stores fail? My spelling and grammar isn't perfect! And I am too lazy to run spell check
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    Aug 9, 2002
    I really dont know what you are talking about in terms of speed. I recently upgraded from a 733mhz powermac G4 to a Dual Gigahertz powermac G4 and it is ATLEAST twice as fast running imovie
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    BTW you won't get a 1500mhz speed increase, dual processors does not mean twice as fast;) I'm not sure why you were not seeing a speed increase becauese I have seen increases. But any way iMovie 3 would be nice cause this is what I live off of!

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