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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by studIOS5, Sep 26, 2013.

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    Ok, so heres the backstory. I updated my iPhone 4s to ios7 the day it came out (the 18th) and began to notice quite a bit of light bleed on the top of the phone screen with the new bright white backgrounds included in the messaging and calendar apps. The warrantee expired on Sept. 21st, but before the warrantee expired my only option was to send the phone in to apple because I could not make it to the apple store in time. I sent it in after they shipped me the box and today I found out they are shipping back the original iPhone now. :( what are my options here? I made the warrantee claim before the warrantee expired, what do you think an apple store would do if I took it in now after the result of the case? I live about two hours away from the closest apple store so opinions on what you think they will do would be great.

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    Put a dark background on your lock screen and enjoy?

    All I see there are the LED backlights lighting up. some spots will be brighter than others, and it's pretty much the case on nearly all iPhones and many other smartphones that aren't using OLED type displays. It just hasn't been noticed until now because of the emphasis on dark colors in previous iOS versions as opposed to the stark white backgrounds in use now.

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