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Jul 4, 2001
1 Block away from NYC.
Are there any inside news about the new Retail stores plaining to open? I live in Long Island, next to new york city. I knowone is oping what was restoration hardware.


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Jul 19, 2001
Austin, TX
Yesh Yesh

Yesh yesh. Apple could benifit from placing a store in the Austin area with the large university population here. Students can come into the store use thier educational discounts and just pay the sales tax (At the online Apple store you have to pay sales tax and shipping costs). I would love to see one here. Once I get the $$$$ to get a G5 or G6 I am there!!

P.S I got my website up now -

I am still working on it but I belive I have fixed all the broken links.


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Aug 9, 2001
KY or NC, take your pick.
not in the city

If you haven't noticed already, Apple isn't opening stores in the middle of huge cities. They're opening them up where a lot of people LIVE, in suburbs in stuff. This is because they are trying to appeal to the people who make upmost of the market share: homes and schools. For this reason I seriously doubt that one will open up in NYC or Atlanta. Maybe right outside the city where the people who work in the city live.


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Aug 8, 2001
Apple store

I've heard couple of months ago, that Apple will open the retail store in Manhattan by the end of this year.


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Aug 9, 2001
KY or NC, take your pick.
That proves my point!

Apple is trying to appeal to consumers, not business right now, so they open up a store were lots of people live, or go to all the time, not in the middle of a big city where the only thing around are huge corporations.

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Jul 9, 2000
re: not in big cities

i have not thought about that angle, but that explains some of the "strange" sounding locations i have heard about...i guess they may be big suburbs near big cities or maybe the big cities are "business" and this pc dominated (which is my guess)

when i visit any store with a mac, i really never ask myself, "Do I want to do spreasheets and business memos on this machine but do I want to have fun and do multimedia!" It is times like this when I say Dell and Microsoft could keep their over qualified typing machines they call the pc

i would go after the suburbs where there are families with children (who still use the mac a lot in the educational setting)


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
thats a good observation appleman. i was wondering myself why they arent opening one up here in raleigh, NC. apparently they are going to open it in durham which is about 15 minutes from here and right in between raleigh durham cary and chapel hill, which is probably still one of the fastest growing areas in the country. same with austin tho, austin is alot like raleigh and i hope they get one too. Texas rules, born and raised :D

P.S i hate Fry's

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Sep 5, 2001
Re: Austin

Originally posted by DJ Hoyt
WE MUST HAVE ONE IN AUSTIN! 2 in Texas, Austin and Dallas. Must have Apple stores here.
I second that. The mac selection at the new fry's on parmer and mopac is decent but I would rather spend my money at an apple store. I think they should open one in Round Rock right next to Dell, :D