"Apple revealed the design of the new iPhone 5 today" ...Oh really, NBC6?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by deannnnn, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I was just watching the 11 o'clock local news on Miami's NBC6 when they did this quick report: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17427924/iphone_nbc6.mp4

    It starts with "Apple revealed the design of the new iPhone 5 today" and then proceeds to show stock footage of the original iPhone from 5 years ago (stretched from 4:3 to 16:9 at that!). Then they report on a rumor and treat it as fact. I mean, I like this station in general but come on, that is just terrible reporting!
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    Nov 24, 2009

    I like it. It's cute.
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    I think they just searched "iPhone" on Google. That is definitely NOT the new design :rolleyes:

    You can't trust local news for these things. I actually knew the information about something that they reported second-hand, and they completely lied about it in their report to make it seem more intense. They labeled a pedestrian being killed on a crosswalk as a "hit-and-run", even though it was not that at all.
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    lol, they always do that.. They always pick up rumors from websites. A few weeks ago they had Ray Allen to Miami before he or the Heat actually announced it. They had to say we're sorry for the mistake. They took that from a unofficial Miami Heat source on twitter.

    I hate our local news channels. :)
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    Haha I heard about that actually. Too funny.
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    Most tv stations have the email of their GM listed. I make it a point of sending an email pointing out the error of their ways. I finish off the polite email with : "just another reason that folks are switching away from local network tv".
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    I think it's ****..
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    And apparently iPhone 5 is in fact the name of it...
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    perhaps the most unbelievable thing is that nobody working on the news story flagged it as total crap. it's not a big secret when apple announces things. and it's also not a big secret that everything up to that point is rumor and speculation. if i had been working in the newsroom, even as some lowly intern, i'd have nixed that story and explained why it was a dumb idea to run it.

    terrible reporting.
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    Wow. Not even a Fox station... what is this world coming to?
  12. Small White Car, Jul 25, 2012
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    Small White Car

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    I'll tell you what has happened here:

    1) An assistant producer sees an article about how the next iPhone will have a smaller dock. This is actually being reported by real new organizations which means someone has a source and it probably is true. This is now more than a rumor...it's legitimate news! So the assistant flags it for the producer.

    2) The producer has no clue what an iPhone even is, but takes the info they were sent and writes their own story, probably mixing up fact and speculation. The assistant producer knows all about iPhones, but the assistant isn't the one writing the story, is she?

    After mashing all the notes into a story, the producer inserts a note for the editors: "Include iPhone footage."

    3) The editor gets his notes: "Include iPhone footage." Well, what does that mean? He searches the log for the last time one of their own reporters went out and shot some (because why pay someone else for new footage when you've got all those tapes in the back?) and finds a tape from June, 2007. Good enough. He's got to find 45 clips in the next 90 minutes, so let's not spend too much time worrying about this one stupid shot of a stupid cell phone.

    4) The anchor reads what comes up on the teleprompter. What? You think he can change the news as he's reading it? He probably does know the story's crap, but it's too late now!

    5) And for everyone saying they 'stretched' the phone, no, that's just the result of management being afraid to air old 4x3 footage properly. "It will make us look bad to have black bars on screen! Just stretch it." Yeah. No one will notice.

    So there's no real conspiracy here, it's just the result of a rushed, stupid system.

    (And yes, I did use to work in local TV news and no, I don't even watch it anymore.)
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    Anyone can spend 5-10 minutes online searching for all the latest iPhone news and rumors and then make this elaborate story that any one not in 'the know' would believe. Then they tell their friends and so on and so on.

    LoL, this reminds me, I work with this guy that uses an iPhone and yeah he loves it and all but he makes the perfect example...he called me over one day (I might add that I had pretty much just met this guy) to check out this youtube video on his iPhone of the next iPhone.

    Turns out, it was the "Concept" video where the hologram keyboard pops out but he truly believed this was it, he was telling me about it in an exciting fashion so I didn't bust his bubble, I just played along with him figuring the closer it got to actual time for a release I'd let him know.

    To add to it I was riding along with my boss about 2 weeks later and we got on the discussion of our Apple products and he brings up this video saying "...have you seen the new iPhone coming out with the holograms and all...?" LoL, geez, I didn't say anything but "yeah that's cool". :rolleyes:

    Fact is, the "mainstream fans" will believe anything. You and I know better, lol. :D

    Also, fact is, none of us will really know...until Apple tells us.

    When I see "Apple news" in our local paper, I don't even bother reading. Because I know it's just the same regurgitated news that most of us have already heard about.
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    There should really be a system in place for negligent reporting. This happens to be a relatively harmless "story" so it's no big deal. But many news agencies report things without doing any fact checking at all and it can be detrimental. The news is supposed to be a source of news. The fact that they ran with a rumor like this proves no one cares enough to report on anything worthwhile. It's either crap like this, or stock footage from 9/11. I'm a little sick of both.
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    Sep 24, 2011
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    It's fake and surprising they actually reported on that based on unofficial rumors. If it was the real thing I'm NOT buying the new iPhone.

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