Apple saw 60,000 first-day iPhone sales in S.Korea

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    Link: Apple saw 60,000 first-day iPhone sales in S.Korea
    Description:: Apple has seen about 60,000 units of iPhones sold in South Korea on its debut on Saturday, which is pretty good as the nation has already reported 400,000 smartphones sales in the third quarter.

    The number, though far away from the one million sales in the U.S. for the iPhone 3GS, has already been a great success compared to the estimated 5,000 units sold during the first week in China.

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    The article isn't clear on the breakdown of which models sold the most. I'm curious whether the cheaper 8gb brought in the bulk of the sales, or whether the more expensive models (and more expensive data plans) sold well.
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    Does that include pre-orders?

    Still, not bad.

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