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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Cscottrun, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Oct 8, 2011
    My iPhone was delivered earlier today. I took it to ATT as I needed to do an upgrade swap (Didn't feel like calling, ATT is up the block). ATT tells me they cant activate it as the number its associated with does not match any on my ATT account. I compare the serial number on the box of the iPhone, and the serial number in my Apple Support Profile, and they don't match. ATT tells me to go to Apple. So I drive to Apple, and eventually after every other employee could not figure it out, I spoke with a manager. The manager told me she couldn't do anything. However, too her credit, she did try. ATT was in the store and they would have been able to associate the phone to my number, however the serial number would not have matched my support profile, so my warranty would have been void. Apparently they could not just change the serial number in my support profile. She told me I had to call apple support. Anyone ever have this problem? I don't even have the energy to call right now. I already know there gonna tell me to send the phone back, and Ill have to wait 4 weeks for a new one. Anyone have any tips for me?
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    No they are not going to have you send the phone back. You need to go through Apple for them to correct the issue.

    I had the same problem. AT&T called Apple and conferenced me in. Their engineers needed to sort it out and I did get a new SIM card.

    Note: My serial number did match though, but my phone number didn't.
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    Amazed this does not happen more often. Each of 2 million phones coming down the line have to get serial number and phone number matched up. ***** is gonna happen.

    ATT guy should have figured out how they were going to fix it.

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