apple should allow Facebook to advertise in their app- then maybe it would work......

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by needthephone, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Apr 4, 2006
    The facebook app seems to be almost universally acknowledged as being problematic (to put it politely) If you don't believe me look at the reviews from the last update , most 1 star and listing all the issues. That or try it yourself- its not pretty.. Just what are they doing??

    Well if you think about it, facebook depend on advertising for income (that and fees from other applications such as games) so why would facebook want to enourage their users to use a mobile app where they can not derive any advertising income?

    They have publicaly said they won't develop an ipad app as they are developing a single tablet formatted web site, complete with their ads

    You can't blame them - they need advertising income to survive and as apple won't allow in app ads (as far as I know) then why should they care whether their users are happy with it or not? They MAY want people to use the website, not the app- but I didn't say that!!

    perhaps Apple should allow ads then maybe facebook can actually come up with a decent iphone app- not one which is becoming worse with each update.

    Surely they can't really be trying with their app- Can they??
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    Um ... iAd?

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