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Nov 9, 2019
Just a thought. I am sitting outside & it’s high noon with no clouds in the sky. Right now I am looking at my S7 in direct sunlight & I can easily see the watch face & all apps that are relevant to me without my reading glasses, which I only need in low light.

My brightness setting on my S7 is set on the highest. I set my workouts twice a day. One with a 2.5 mile walk & the other with a 45 minute workout at the gym. Both without my 13 mini, so GPS & cellular is right from the watch. As a matter of fact, I look at my watch more than my phone.

Never ended a 14 hour day with less than a 50% charge left on my watch. Battery capacity is at 85%. On WatchOS 10.4.

Does the U2 really need 3 times the brightest than the S7 has? Am I missing something?
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May 16, 2015
Apple Watch Ultra is geared towards outdoor users, and those people definitely need high brightness screen in outdoor environments for various purposes. Maybe Not by using torch in that weird way but still.
Should There be an accessibility setting to cater crowds with other needs? Could be, such as reduced max brightness. Will Apple do it? I have no idea.
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