Apple should sell pin versions of the fitness awards

Would you be interested in physical pin versions of the fitness Awards

  • Not interested

  • Only interested if they are free

  • Interested if they are <= $5

  • Interested if they are <= $10

  • Interested if they are <= $20

  • Interested regardless of price

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Original poster
Oct 4, 2017
I think it would be really cool if Apple sold pin versions of the fitness awards. A physical way to display or admire the awards that you have earned.

I'd be comfortable with the rarer pins only being accessible to an iCloud account connected to an Apple Watch that has earned those awards as well, for example, Limited Edition awards are only available for a short period of time and only 1 can be ordered by users who have earned the award.

What do you think, is that something you would purchase?


macrumors demi-god
Sep 9, 2017
It’d be interesting, but seems too niche to me. How many people do you think would actually buy these if they weren’t free? Knowing Apple they won’t just hand out these pins for free.

Cool idea, but I can’t see it happening, sadly.
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