Apple Software Updates (this and next) Tuesday


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Apr 12, 2001
With the release of the new iPods and iMacs, this week has already started off with some excitement.

With the week not over yet, we've heard that Apple will be making software announcements tomorrow, as well as next Tuesday -- with one unexpected announcement.

Apple Expo kicks off next week with Steve Jobs giving the Keynote speech on Tuesday, September 16, 2003 in Paris, France at 10 a.m. CET. (8am GMT, 3am EST).

A few things to note: PowerBooks will not be updated tomorrow, and other rumblings have noted that Apple's iTunes Music Store for Windows has met some unexpected delays. The significance of this is unknown.

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Jan 23, 2003
Software announcements? Hmmm... if its not iTunes for Windows what could it be? Can't be Panther yet. Maybe iTunes store for Europe?

How about Apple's own word processor to go with Keynote? Now that would be nice.


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May 3, 2003
I'll bet iTunes for Windows

iTunes for Windows it shall be. Would be perfect timing with the new iPods... and an updated iSync so I'll get a working calendar on my Nokia... :D


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Dec 30, 2001
A woman at the local Apple reseller (not Applestore) said wait to get an PowerBook, they will be upgraded at the 16th. Seems about right if thats the day Steve is giving his speech :D


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Jun 28, 2002
North Central Colorado
I'd have to say that a new AppleWorks style iApp suite would be nice - with a Word-compatible wordprocessor, spreadsheet app (a good one...) and Keynote bundled. That'd be cool.


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Apr 10, 2003

i really have nothing usefull to say...

but i've been told i'm good at that...



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Aug 20, 2003
What... no powerbooks boo!

Apple really needs to get iTunes for Windows out there. Can you imagine if they have 10 millions songs just from mac users what that would be if Windows users were in on that number WOW!
Powerbooks would be nice , but so would actually having them available to ship the same day they are annouced instead of waiting for 4 months like the G5.

If apple does the "hey new Powerbooks...but one more thing you gotta wait until Chrsitmas" I wont buy it and suffer the anticipation of waiting and checking my apple status order overy other day to see if things change. Nope, not me I will actually wait until I see them in the stores.:cool:


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Jul 17, 2002
Oh man!! I feel like a little boy at Christmas!! :D

I hope that the PBs not being updated tomorrow means updated at the Paris Expo.


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Jun 5, 2001
Miami Beach
love it

Great... now with the 40GB iPod i just only need the music for it.

Hehe. I just was buying some music from apples music store. I also saw that they sell on some albums a 15 sec track as well for 99 cent. A bit high or?


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Aug 5, 2003
European Sherlock channels?

That could be the unexpected announcement next week coz it's certainly not expected :rolleyes:

It's only been well over a year since the new Sherlock was launched.

On the flip side, I'd much rather see the European iTMS, and also the Windows version. 10m downloads so far is fantastic. Wait and see what that figure will be once the global/windows rollout begins :)



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May 2, 2002
I predict Paris will be a big long demo of Panther (which is software, after all), with some new features mentioned and a ship date announced no later than October. New PowerBooks too--IF Apple CAN announce them!


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Jun 28, 2002
North Central Colorado
Re: love it

Originally posted by atomwork
I also saw that they sell on some albums a 15 sec track as well for 99 cent. A bit high or?
this is the way it needs to be to keep it fair among tracks - that way no track has any more importance than another. Sure it's 15 seconds, but if it's the only track on the album you want, then it should be worth it, right?


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May 1, 2003
new powermacs

I have a Ti book but, I am probably going to be getting a anew mac soon. Should I get a new powerbook, or G5? If I get the G5 though, I want to be able to have a ne Albook to go with it, but the 12in one doesn't have the glowing keyboard.
So I don't know if when they update I should just get a 17in, and a bunch of software, or go for the combo unit. Also Are there any G5 guys out there who have used it with Final cut 4 yet, I want to know if it really is that good.


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Aug 24, 2003
Champaign, IL
It wouldn't make sense to release powerbooks tomorow except that the schools really need them. Releasing products as mentioned before is also part of the AAPL stock price game. If they release them all at once it has one effect where each product doesn't add as much to the stock price. Releasing over time has the effect of making people notice Apple more. Not to say it drives Apples stock up, but if it looks like Apple is releasing new products every 2 weeks sometimes, it just looks better.

I've said it before, at least Laguna College of Art and Design has told its students that they tried to order 100 Powerbooks of the 15 inch type and said they will have to wait but they are getting Aluminum ones with built in firewire - and they are getting them soon. Which I take to mean by the end of next week.
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