Apple stock down 14%


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Jan 17, 2002
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Citing poor sales in its professional products, high operating expenses, and lower than expected profits.

That seems like a major drop. It's now down to $17.25. I don't think people are buying the G4 with all the negative press the chip has been getting in the pro market trade pubs. I don't really see a "new" G4 changing this. Any thoughts?


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Mar 9, 2002
Of course a completely new family of chips would go down a storm at the moment..... and would undoubtedly change Apples downwards sales that they currently seem to be experiencing.....

But to say the G4 is finished is probably alittle premature....... if Apple were to release the fastest machine on the planet in every benchmark and area and it was based on a G4 people would buy it....... but it seems to me that most of the people whinging about the G4 are the people that own G4 400 or 450's...... and have never been anywhere near a dual Ghz machine nevermind used one in anger...... they're very quick machines....... so they might not actually have a clue about how fast these machines are in the real world doing real world tasks in real world situations...... they are merely judging it from magazine benchmarks.........

The pro machines are almost certainly being revamped next month and everyone has known this for awhile so of course sales will slow down...... but the entire PC industry is in a similar position...... this is only a temporary glitch and we all know that Apple have lots of goodies just waiting to be unleashed into the world...... and if you look at this year so far we've had some corkers.......!! and I'm sure this will continue at MWNY next month......
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