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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by yzedf, May 20, 2003.

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    Nov 1, 2002
    Why is Apple's stock price flirting with sliding under $18.00 again?

    Other tech stocks seem ok...




    Also, does it appear IBM is getting to the point of a stock split again? Is this a good time to invest? I have always wanted to invest, but I don't find the online thing attractive. Any recommendations for those of us on the edge of taking the plunge into small time investing?
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    Mar 15, 2003
    In my head
    If you look at the figures, Apple prices tend to rally and peak sometime in May then fade away until the dividends are paid (ha ha) around the 20th June. So this year the rally faded in the 3rd week of May.

    This excerpt from Quote puts the current tech scene in perspective.

    "Sellers took center stage for a third-straight trading day Tuesday, with top-tier technology shares barely clinging to their gains as investors looked ahead to Hewlett-Packard's quarterly report...

    But losses began to creep in amid concerns ranging from the quality of earnings to stock-price overvaluation.

    Merrill Lynch weighed in with a mixed opinion about the outlook for Nasdaq-listed tech stocks, in particular.

    1 - based on historical trends, the Nasdaq is in a position to climb as high as 2,300 by the fall and then stay near that level for a couple of years.

    2 - the recent tech sector rally has "confused many analysts."

    3 - "Stocks are at the high end of the valuation range, earnings are mediocre at best, and IT (information-technology) spending shows little sign of improvement," said Milunovich, who maintains an "equal weight" rating in tech stocks, but remains "highly skeptical of rallies."

    So with Apple, based on past trends, f you want to make a buck and show willing in the manufacturers of your computer, Id say wait till mid June, take a look at the price and if they drop to around $14 then buy, and hang on tight for a couple of years. They should actually be making enough to pay dividends by then too, which will help Apple's standing in the stock markets.

    But it s a gamble mind. I pretty much mapped out the recent rise, but even though I got the week right for the peak, I was a day late thinking about acting, by which time the price had dropped, So now I am still the proud owner of my Apple shares, and because they arent likely to rally for the next few weeks I am hanging on to them now for the medium term (the way it should be) and will take a look again at Nasdaq when AMS goes Windows at the end of ther year. My gut feeling is also that any company involved with distributing AMS will do OK, like an Amazon .... because the profits on the downloads are so good.
  3. Rai macrumors member

    May 1, 2003
    I invest in apple stock alot aswell. Bought a ton at 13 and sold at 18.60 recently.

    Problem with apple stock is ,I find is it tends to go up with news coming out from steve jobs. Then when the market has had time to forget about the news, the stock slows drifts down, until the next annoucement of news.

    I will buy apple again closer to wwdc (or whatever that meeting is), I don't except any stellar news before that. If the 970 come out then we can expect another jump in stock price. Then when international and windows itunes comes out, we will have a good jump. Hopefully it can break the resistance at 23 dollars, then apple will fly. The resistance lvl at 13 dollars is nearly unbreakable apple really needs to mess up to break that so we are pretty safe in a range from 13-23.

    Good thing about apple is that there are never really any solid leaks of info to drive the stock. You know when most important news will be announced, so i load on on apple, a few weeks before hand.

    Goodluck on your position.

    Hope that the insight into how i trade apple was at least mildly informative.
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    Mar 15, 2003
    In my head
    Did you sell any stocks before Jan 2000? What made the price fly to $104 and then plummet? I asked in another thread but the only clue was the Cube failure.

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