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Apple Store keeps breaking my Macbook Pro


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May 30, 2010
Hi all.

So I have a Macbook Pro late 2013 of which I have been the sole owner. It stills works very well, no issue other than the screen's coating slowly flaking on my screen (nothing I can't live with).
This summer, I decided to go to an Apple Store and pay to change my battery, since I had the warning showing up and also it wasnt lasting very long on a charge.

When I received my computer, I noticed that one of my USB port wasn't working anymore (no response from it, even in Safe Mode). Went to another Apple Store (I moved to another country last month) and turns out that my logic board was broken (turns out the battery replacement job was rushed and very badly done, as per the Apple technician). It took a week, and my logic board was replaced (free of charge obviously).

Then I started to have random shutdowns. Sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes only after half a day, without doing anything in particular. Called Apple again, went to the same store again, and turns out the logic board that they replaced was also defective. So I had to leave my computer at the Apple store for another few days and they replaced my logic board AGAIN.

Now I've had my computer for a few days, and I notice that the same USB port as last time is not responsive AGAIN. So this probably means that the SECOND logic board they've replaced (third total) is also defective (unless theres another reason for the defect). I'll call Apple AGAIN tomorrow to get an appointment to the Apple Store.

What can I do? Can I demand that they replace my computer? I've had to come to the Apple Store 6 times in total now for a simple battery replacement, and I'll have to come a 7th time to drop my computer... I don't understand why they do not test the machine before they give it back to the customer (or that the test are not complete enough). I understand that a repair can turn badly, if I'm very unlucky maybe twice. But three times (Broken USB #1, Random shutdowns & Broken USB #2) + the initial repair? I know my computer is considered "Vintage", but if Apple is offering battery replacement they should be able to do the repair without breaking the computer??

Last time I've been to the Apple Store, I've asked to have the battery replacement reimbursed since I've lost countless hours going to the Apple Store, and that I've also not been able to use my computer for two weeks in the past month. The manager almost laughed at me for daring to ask for this and only offered me 50€ rebate if I bought an accessory (didn't take it).

Any suggestion would be appreciated!


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Aug 27, 2015
on the land line mr. smith.
That's a tuff one. All you can do is keep at it, and escalate if they don't deliver.

It may be possible that the logic boards were repaired, not new. I don't know that, but others have suggested it in other similar situations. Regardless, you don't have any say other than to not relent until the machine is right.

If it were me...I might consider asking for a substantial discount on a replacement. Based on the age, it only has a fairly short usable life left. Maybe 2 years?

The only big reason not to replace the soon-to-be move to Apple Silicon.


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Apr 25, 2012
It may be possible that the logic boards were repaired, not new. I don't know that, but others have suggested it in other similar situations.
99% the logic boards were not brand new. It makes no sense economically and ecologically to not repair and re-use logic boards unless traces on the board are destroyed or the board is physically broken. ALL computer manufacturers do this, I couldn't tell you how many logic boards from various manufacturers I've received to install to repair a PC and that static bag had a label on it that indicated it was refurbished.
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