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Apple Store Rebate


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Jun 22, 2010
Hi, first off, I'm not sure if this thread belongs in this forum, so if it doesn't I apologize!

I recently purchased a Macbook Pro (this is my first Mac) from a retail store on July 14th. My mom paid for it and at the store, the employee who we were shopping with had filed our rebate right in the store, which was convenient. She said that people were receiving their rebates around 5 days after they filed, and had stated that was pretty early.

When I checked the status of my rebate today, it said,

"If you submitted an electronic rebate request, please allow 24 hours for the status to be available. If your claim status is not visible after 24 hours, please call us at 1-877-427-5776.

If you mailed a claim, please allow adequate time for postal delivery. It may be 5 to 7 days from the postmark date before we receive your claim.

Thank you,
Apple Rebate Center

I know that rebates can take a long time to arrive(usually anywhere from 4-8 weeks sometimes), but the fact that the status isn't even showing up worries me. Should I call Apple and ask them what's up, or is this typical? Did anyone else experience this?



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Jan 6, 2010
ive never heard of a rebate being so quick, i wouldnt believe her though, stick w/ the 4 to 6 weeks mindset.

as for the status, did you look it up using your claim number or your email? because i bought a MBP 2 weeks ago and after a week i looked it up with my email and i got the same error message. but when i tried my claim number it worked.

if that doesnt work out just call the apple store, not a big deal i wouldnt stress too much about it.


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Dec 28, 2008
Southern California
If the rebate was processed in the store on the 14th it should definitely have a status update on their site by now. I'd try processing the rebate myself at this point. I got my MBP on the 25th and it shows my status as processing right now.


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Jun 26, 2010
It took my rebate check 42 days to arrive in my mailbox. When I checked the site about a week after filing my rebate, I got the same message as you.

So don't worry about it.
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