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    Hey everyone,
    Which address does Apple use to determine sales tax - the shipping address or the billing address? I want to know if I can ship the computer to my girlfriend's house (in New Hampshire), where there is no sales tax (she wasn't charged it with her iBook), and not have to pay sales tax (my billing addy is in Louisiana - which has 9% sales tax).

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    I stand corrected... web site reads: Apple Store purchases will include sales tax based on the ship-to location and the sales tax rate in effect at the time of shipping. If you phone in your order, the Apple Store sales representative will provide the final dollar total of your order including tax and any applicable shipping charges at the time you place your order. If the sales tax rate for the state to which your order is being shipped changes before the product is shipped, the new tax rate in effect at the time of shipment will apply. The proof of purchase that Apple mails to you will include any applicable sales tax.
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    It also matters if Apple has a physical presence in the state. A company with no physical presence in a state cannot be forced to charge sales tax in that state.

    So, for instance, since there is no Apple Store in Alabama - if Apple doesn't have any other physical presence in the state they can't be forced to charge sales tax there. Some companies do this voluntarily now though.

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