Apple Stores Need Work


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May 7, 2002
I waited a while before I visited the Apple store closest to me. It was around 14 miles from me-i live in Manhattan. It is the West Nyak store on Palisades drive.
I went to store because I wanted to see applications running on the Power Mac G4s and an Ibook. I wanted to see how a music program would run on these machines. So I walked in the Apple store ready for a demonstration only to be disappointed-severely disappointed.
The Apple store is no different then the kind of setup they have at Comp USA stores or for that matter sears. It was just a bunch a Apple Machines on display running software that just talked about Apple-how stupid. Apple has to wake up.

The point of the Apple stores should be to show people how they can run applications easily-especially the professional markets that use Macs such as the publishing, Music, graphic designers, etc.

The apple stores should have sections in the store with machines running these applications with connections to hardware used in thier perspective fields. Let say your into Publishing and graphics. Have a section in the store dedicated to this market. Have all of the product line running those type of applications and have these machines connected to hardware used in these markets.

The benefits of this would be incredible for Apple on two ends. First it would allow potential customers to see how Apple Machines run applications and hardware they are looking to purchase. This would give the customer peace of mind when purchasing the product. They would buy without hesitation. Second, it would be a good testing ground for Apple, software and hardware developers that run on Apple software. All conflicts with software and hardware would be reported to Apple and the software and hardware developers. This would help both Apple and the developers that support Apple making everyone happy.

What did you think about the Apple store you visited and do you agree with my assesment of the Apple stores and of how the should be opertated.


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
umm your experience seems to be different than mine or anyone else i have read about or know.

the apple store here always has just about every program you can think of needing either installed already on all computers or at their fingertips somewhere on a mounted network drive in the store. they are all connected with airport and if you really really want to, you can convince them to install apps they may not have, if you are really interested in buying and need to see that software.

if the apple store near you is not up to par, then you should tell their manager. if that gets you nowhere, then email apple themselves. it may not make a difference but at least you are being active.


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Jan 22, 2002
yep the apple store i saw in boston had all sorts of different things running. they even had a little area for kids where they set up imacs running different games


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Apr 2, 2002
Hong Kong
umm your experience seems to be different than mine or anyone else i have read about or know.
yeah.. same here.. ive been to two different apple stores and they have both had many software titles installed on the machines and the employees are VERY helpful if you ever have questions about the computers themselves..

sure they dont have EVERY single program installed on each machine... but hey, that wouldnt be very much like an average consumers mac, would it? and anyways, that would also take up tons of space on these computers drives -- making it practically impossible for them to refresh each computers each nite (which is what they do to keep the computers running properly)...


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
Originally posted by Choppaface
yep the apple store i saw in boston had all sorts of different things running. they even had a little area for kids where they set up imacs running different games
Same for the one in NH. When I went there and picked up the iPod as well as some software updates, the systems there were running all sorts of different applications. They had some with iPods and such attached, so that you could see how they work. You could go and check out what was installed on each system and run whatever you wanted.

Seems like the NY store is the anomaly rather then the norm.


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Jun 24, 2002
Central New York
The mac store here is really great. The'll basiclly just let you play with the mac for as long as ya want, and they don't bug you and try to show things off, just give you some freedom. I love that place.


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Jan 3, 2002
San Destin Florida
Hey, it is not often that I totally disagree with someone, but here I have to. The store in Memphis has FCP running, as well as Photoshop, and several other 'pro' titles. They have games running for the children. You can make a home movie and put it on your iTools account, you can take pictures and post them. The quality of the experience is far greater than anything that you will find at a Gateway Country, Sears, CompUSA, Circuit$hitty, or any other place.

Go back. If it is in fact that way, as for the store manager, and tell him to get his A$$ in gear.