Apple sued over use of Rendezvous trademark

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MacBytes, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. jettredmont macrumors 68030

    Jul 25, 2002
    Let me be the first to say this is silly.

    1) TIBCO uses Rendezvous as an app name for a J2EE messaging infrastructure. This is quite different from a UPnP infrastructure.

    2) "Rendez vous" is, of course, a French phrase, and ubiquitous as a term for meeting. See recent rulings regarding "Windows" trademark. Unless there is a direct and malicious intent to confuse consumers, there is no case here. Apple is not using, of course, the defendable trademark "TIBCO Rendezvous".

    3) TIBCO took this long to realize Apple was using their trademark?

    4) How many people, do you think, saw Rendezvous being touted as a way of seeing devices on your network, and thought "Cool! Apple bought TIBCO!"?

    5) Still, Apple should have been a bit smarter in choosing its name ...

    IMHO, if this case succeeds Anderson Windows should sue Microsoft for creating a product obviously meant to confuse and deceive which is also used in homes.
  2. eric_n_dfw macrumors 68000


    Jan 2, 2002
    DFW, TX, USA
    I agree it sounds silly, but if you read the article, they say they've been trying to reach an amicalbe settlement ever since Apple started using the Rendezvous name.

    I bet we see Apple move to "Rendezvous Networking" or something.
  3. edesignuk Moderator emeritus


    Mar 25, 2002
    London, England
    Apple sued over use of Rendezvous trademark

    Hope this hasn't been posted b4, did a quick search, didn't find anything :)

    Full Article.

    edit: looks like my thread was merged with this one...just sayin'...:)
  4. MrMacMan macrumors 604


    Jul 4, 2001
    1 Block away from NYC.
    Apple didn't damage the name...

    Its possible someone get the names mixed up with their products or services, but I haven't even heard it was trademarked until the suit.

    Pretty sad.
  5. Powerbook G5 macrumors 68040

    Powerbook G5

    Jun 23, 2003
    St Augustine, FL
    I haven't heard of the name, either, so when I hear about Apple's use of the name, I just think of that.
  6. Waluigi macrumors 6502

    Apr 29, 2003
    why now?

    Apple has used the Rendezvous name for a few years. Why are we hearing about this now? Seems fishy.

  7. cc bcc macrumors 6502

    Jul 3, 2001
    I guess Apple must have known about this "trademark" before they officially named their ZeroConf technology "Rendezvous". Also refusing to settle this is a good sign that Apple lawyers know what they are doing.
    I guess that this is just another IT company suffering from money problems hunting for some easy money, how big is their product of no one has ever heard from it before now? Hmm, it does mean free advertising.
  8. themadchemist macrumors 68030


    Jan 31, 2003
    Chi Town
    This is like the OS 9 operating system that some industrial manufacturer used in its plants.

    This probably won't get anywhere.

    The two Rendezvous products are almost the same, since their similarity begins and ends with having something to do with networks of computers. Funny thing is TIBCO's software is NOT available for Mac at Rendezvous is available only on Macs.

    So yeah, I'm sure that this is eating into TIBCO's profits.

    It really makes me mad too, because we all know how many companies would end up buying Macs that implement Rendezvous as a means of wireless networking when they really meant to get enterprise messaging software for hundreds of computers.

    To tell you the truth, 99% of the people working in corporations could make a mistake this stupid. But IT departments never would.
  9. Nermal Moderator


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    Dec 7, 2002
    New Zealand
    There's another article about this at The Register. I actually submitted that link to MacBytes, then saw this one straight after. Made me feel a bit stupid actually :(
  10. hulugu macrumors 68000


    Aug 13, 2003
    quae tangit perit Trump
    I might have missed it, but this was also mentioned on Slashdot.

    Hey eric_n_dfw did you go to UofA?
  11. ewinemiller macrumors 6502

    Aug 29, 2001
    west of Philly
    It may not be about Apple eating into TIBCO's profits. A few years ago I worked for a small medical software company called Visteon. Somewhere along the line somebody called asking if we'd be interested in selling our domain name, we of course said no and didn't think too much of it. A few months later Ford names it's parts division Visteon (puts up a website at instead of and takes out full page adds in every major metropolitan newspaper. Our customers freaked out. Even though Visteon the auto parts company and Visteon the medical software company are obviously unrelated, it cause major confusion in our customer base and our potential customers. The Ford Visteon brand was so much larger than our Visteon brand that it completely diluted our branding and overshadowed everything that we did. I suspect that is the problem that TIBCO is having. Obviously the Apple Rendevous brand is not quite so big as Ford, but the technologies are closer so I'd bet the impact is about the same.
  12. themadchemist macrumors 68030


    Jan 31, 2003
    Chi Town
    In all fairness, the product seems to be somewhat significant, at least for a small company as this one appears to be.

    Just because you haven't heard of it, doesn't mean it's not important! This could be said of Afghanistan before Sept. 11th. Most people in this country were ignorant of that other nation, but it soon became apparent that our fate would become significantly intertwined with its.

    This product could be useful and well-known to those corporate underlings who deal with implementing such network systems.
  13. bousozoku Moderator emeritus

    Jun 25, 2002
    Gone but not forgotten.
    It is always standard procedure to do legal searches for trademarks before using them. I'm certain Apple knew quite well the consequences. They may have offered Tibco some reimbursement in order to use it but could not reach any agreement, obviously. I suspect they would have offered very little.

    As far as OS-9 and Mac OS 9, there was a pronounced difference in the names; therefore, the resolution was in Apple's favour.

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