Apple & The Huge Contracts Sector


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Apr 13, 2001
Because Apple is basically the most secure OS out there, why don't they go after huge government contracts? NASA, The Navy, CIA, etc. I don't know how well OSX would integrate with old legacy systems, etc.

The education market they need to go after again (remember Apple ][ days?), but seems like they need some big contracts in the thousands of OSXServers, etc. so people can see just what these beauties can do.

Or am I way off base here?


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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca
Be careful what you ask about.

Haven't you wondered why Apple did a whole series in millitary colours?


Apple has several millitary contracts with NASA, The Pentagon and several others.:cool:


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Jul 27, 2001
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apple does have some contracts with the army and airforce
the navy tends to use *nix more and hasn't really used apple's except on some submarines to sync with palms that they keep firing codes on....the apples have the longest battery life and can be replaced easily apperently....remember when the army classified the G4 as a super computer?
so, apple does have some contracts with all of them, how do you think they've stayed afloat?
and yes, most JPL-ish places use macs due to processing and graphic power...boeing even uses them in R&D...


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Education Market solid!

...and Apple has spent a GREAT deal of money and energy in the past few years wooing the education market.

Apple, in March of 2001, acquired privately-held PowerSchool Inc., the leading provider of web-based student information systems for K-12 schools and school districts.

At the National Educators Computing Conference in Chicago last year, Cheryl Vedoe, Apple VP of Education Marketing and Solutions, discussed the features of PowerSchool that address the needs
of administrators. They also announced that the Chicago school district adopted it.

Not to mention the decent education discount for machines and software. And our Apple reps. are great! (one of 'em brought me back a great poster of the new iMac from Macworld, and they've provided me with neat huge banners of logos and products that I've decorated our professional development lab with.)

After "forgetting us" for a few years, when Steve came back, things changed for the better. Major contracts with districts have made headlines, with some districts purchasing iBooks for all of their middle school students and teachers. $KA-CHING$!

And now we understand that the CRT iMac is going to be around for quite a while, because the price for an entry level Mac just can't be beat.

Yay, Apple. :)