Apple TimeCapsule (4th gen. / 2011 model) how to disable 2.4GHz radio?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by RamGuy, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Jun 7, 2011
    There has been a few things nagging me about Apple's TimeCapsule. I decided to replace my D-Link DAP-2553 Business / Enterprise access point earlier this summer in order to acheive 3x3 stream support from my MacBook Pro 17" 2011 model.

    As streaming high-quality 1080P movies with the D-Link DAP-2553 running 802.11n @ 5.0GHz @ 40Hz didn't work flawlessly all the time I decided to give the Apple TimeCapsule with it's 3x3 stream 5GHz capabilities a go. The added hard-drive for easy TimeMachine Backup's was also something I was eager to tryout as running Q-Nap TS-459 Pro2 for TimeMachine Backup's proven to be a real pain.

    And things have worked really well so far! TimeMachine Backup's feels natural and does it's thing without me needing to pay any attention whatsoever and my 1080P streaming has gone from working flawlessly in 1 / 3 times to working flawlessly about anytime I try it.

    Performance wise things are looking decent, but when it comes to customisability the Apple TimeCapsule feels awkward when configuring compared to the other business / enterprise grade network equipment we are using, and I'm not very suprised.

    Our network is configured like this:

    - 25 / 25 fiberoptic Internet connection
    - Netgear SRX5308 ProSafe Firewall / Enterprise router
    - Netgear WNDR3700 configured as access point only hosting our 802.11n @ 2.4GHz @ 40Hz wireless network
    - Apple TimeCapsule configured as access point and TimeMachine Backup server hosting our 802.11n @ 5.0GHz @ 40Hz wireless network.

    Now this is all working good besides one thing. I'm not able to disable the 2.4GHz part of the Apple TimeCapsule? Within the AirPort Utility on my MacBook Pro I can't seem to find any way of disabling just the 2.4GHz part without also disabling the 5.0GHz part as well, thus disabling the entire wireless of my TimeCapsule.

    The thing is we already have the WNDR3700 running as 2.4GHz access point, and it's located upstairs in order for my family members to better utilise it as they are the only ones using the 2.4GHz band. I on the other hand use the Apple TimeCapsule downstairs and want to be running 5.0GHz only.

    Now the problem is that the TimeCapsule upon forcing 2.4GHz interferes with our WNDR3700's 2.4GHz network upstairs, which is far from ideal. And considering we do not need or want the TimeCapsules 2.4GHz network in the first place we were wondering how we can disable it altogether?

    Is there seriously no way to make the Apple TimeCapsule utilise the 5.0GHz band only? And how come changing wireless radio channel manually only allows for 36 up to 48 for the 5.0GHz radio? When choosing automatic I might get anything from 36 up to 149-DFS and if I'm not mistaken channel 58-DFS to 149-DFS provides better coverage due to higher antenna power outage?

    Whereas 5.0GHz radio channel 36 to 49 feature limited antenna power outage because of govermental restrictions, whereas the DFS channels (58 to 149) on the other hand features a significant boost in antenna power outage? In other words if I want higher antenna power outage I'm forced to chose automatic instead of manual..
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    May 19, 2006
    Two things you can do...

    1. give your 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks different SSIDs

    2. hold down option before clicking on the radio modes drop down in airport utility to give you all the possible combinations.

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